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***** ~*4* 

1eac/t 9&^r Children 

Stagecoach 1995 

Volume 97 

Saint Mary's College and High School 

900 Hillsborough Street 

Raleigh, NC 27603 

The performing dance ensemble rehearses long 
hours for their spring performance. 

Krista Hurlbut and Chip Williams welcome girls to 
Saint Mary's. 

Above Right: Mrs. Ivey hugs Jennifer Ormsby and 
Margaret Rowell. 

2 Introduction 

Maria Granda and Kathi Taylor are all dressed up, but Elizabeth Stark is being initiated into Undatettes. 
where are they going? 

fee Sidler points out Smedes to Mrs. Wiley Earp and Meredith Ferguson and Ches Pope listen attentively to ghost stories and fortune telling provided by Dean Jones 
fe.Beth Harris. during Ocktoberfest. 

r ~T Te made the trip 
\l\/ for different rea- 

V V sons. We trav- 
elled from various 
ocales and diverse 
backgrounds. But, we 
lave a tie that will link 
is together forever. No 
natter how far we jour- 
ley, or how much we 
'row, we will always be 
Saint Mary's girls" and 
is such we will know 
>ach other. 

Some of us ventured 
lere for academic rea- 
sons. The rigorous 

chedule and the vari- 
ety of classes was hard 
:o resist. The flexibility 
)f the teachers made 
earning something 
that we really wanted 
po do, some of us for the 
first time. The outside 
tielp that the faculty 
provided put the stu- 
ient and teacher in a 
close one on one rela- 


The opportunity to 
become involved in 
every level of campus 
life was appealing to 
many of us. There were 
clubs, sports teams, 
student leadership 

offices, publications, 
chorale, drama, dance, 
the offerings were end- 
less. Every activity we 
participated in brought 
us closer to the heart of 
"the Saint Mary's expe- 

What was the initial 
attraction? Was it the 
intimate campus atmos- 
phere, the personal 
attention we received on 
our first visit, or the 
friendly smiles we saw 
exchanged among 

friends and were also 
directed at us, 

strangers? Or was it the 
overwhelming sense of 
history and timeless- 

ness that emanates 
from the venerable 
buildings and the brick 
walks? Or was it the 
sure knowledge that we 
would be surrounded by 
people who would nur- 
ture and guide us as 
members of a warm 
and wonderful extended 
family. We learned 

from them and about 
them as they learned 
from us and about us. 
As we acknowledged 
our similarities and our 
differences, we were 
readying ourselves for 
the next stage of our 
journey. And every day 
we saw and were 
increasingly able to 
pass on that which we 
had seen. Once we 
leave we will continue 
to pass it on because 
We are all teachers. . . 

Introduction 3 

The Stagecoach is lovingly dedicated to our friend and protector 


A Fond Farewell 

It's late afternoon and your 
car won't start. You HAVE to 
be in Chapel Hill in thirty 
minutes. What on earth are you 
going to do? Call Captain 
Brewer of course. You see a 
funny looking guy that you have 
never seen before on campus. 
You are suspicious. What are 
you going to do? Call Captain 
Brewer, of course. He'll discover 
that it is only Jennifer's 
date. You come in late at night 
and the campus is dark and 
quiet. Who is there to greet 

Atlas Brewer watches carefully the comings and 
goings on campus. He has an uncanny ability to know 
just who belongs where. 

you? Captain Brewer, of course. 
One of the most steadfast and 
reassuring sounds you can hear 
is Captain Brewer's "Hey 

there! How're you doing?" His 
hearty voice lets you know that 
all is well around the school and 
that you are safe and secure. He 
has been guarding us with 
patience and devotion for four- 
teen and a half years. His per- 
sonality leaves a warm glow 
wherever he goes on campus 
as he checks to see that build- 
ings are locked, lights are out 

and the young women are where 
they are supposed to be wher 
they are supposed to be 
Captain Brewer is retiring ir 
the spring of 1995. It will be 
virtually impossible to replace 
him. Sure, somebody will be 
head of security, but that some 
body will not be Atlas Brewer 
The light that falls on the grove 
will not be quite as bright wher 
Captain Brewer retires. W< 
will miss him tremendously. 

4 Dedication 

"Saint Mary's Security. This is Brewer speaking." 
From his office in the student center or from his many 
rounds of the campus, Brewer was as close as the 

On a cold December night, amid candles and carols 
and stars, Captain Atlas Brewer presided over the 
Lighting 0' the Grove. At his command hundreds of 
lights blinked on and, with the luminaria, illuminated 
friends from town and campus who had joined to wel- 
come the Christmas season. 

Dedication 5 

The Journey Begins 

you, who are on the road must have a code that you cart 


6 Opening Day 


he doors to 
a unique 
special world 
are opened to us 
from the first 
day. . A world 
where honesty 
and trust are 
the norm, and 
anything else is 
The Honor Code 
is the 

foundation for 
the lessons that 
we learn and the 
lives that we 
lead. We are 
part of an 
atmosphere that 
learning and 
gives students 
an opportunity 
to plant their 
feet on the 
preparing them 
for the obstacles 
that they will 
face down the 

Divider 7 

The 152nd Annual 

Every road has a begin- 
ning and an end. For 
the new students arriv- 
ing at Smedes on Saturday, 
August 20th, the beginning of 
their road had heen paved by 
the SGA and RA old girls who 
came before them on August 
New girls were greeted by blue 

and white balloons floating 
from ribbons tied to lamp posts 
and railings, gaily decorated 
bulletin boards and welcoming 
signs on the dormitory doors. 
Sandwiched in among the 
marathon of meetings were pic- 
nics, scavenger hunts, get- 
acquainted parties, skits, sum- 
mer reading sessions and 
more names to remember than 

anyone believed she ever could. 

Everyone seemed to be smil- 
ing all the time and there was a 
suppressed air of excitement on 
the day the returning students 
arrived. The campus, which 
had certainly been busy enough 
before, now teemed with activ- 
ity. Squeals of glee echoed 
throughout the grove as friends 
greeted friends they had not 
seen all summer. Everyone 
talked at once, sharing, laugh- 
ing, and settling back into the 
familiar routine. 

By all accounts Orientation 
1994 was one of the most suc- 
cessful ever. 

The new students are greeted by day student leaders, Harper Best and Laura Montgomery, who are distributing 
Publicity and Home Permission forms. These sheets add to the huge packets of information that new students 
receive on opening day. 

Tracy Ivey and Julie Morgan wear the tee shirts and 
shorts that identity them as members of the orientation 

8 Orientation 

Pilgrimage to Smedes 

What a Welcoming Committee! The lovely faces of the SGA and Resident Assistants shed blood, sweat and tears Dr - Jenkins and Mary Harvard Nolde certainly seem glad the new 
to get the school ready for all of us. But they had a great time doing it! They were easily recognizable in paprika Y ear IS beginning, 
tee shirts on the first few days of school 

Opening Day 9 

The Goodbyes Make 

10 Student Life 

the Journey Harder 

er the 

^^r when 
alumnae are 
asked about 
almost all of 
them value the 
friendships they 
made. The close 
bonds that are 
forged in the 
early days of life 
on campus 

usually last 
lifetimes. Many 
will keep in 
touch for years 
to come. One 
disadvantage we 
all share is the 
knowledge that 
one day we will 
have to part 
with our friends, 
who have 

become a vital 
part of our every 
day lives. 

Divider 11 






The director of student 
activities and day student 
coordinator were busy 
planning countless trips and 
functions for students to attend. 
Some of them included roller 
skating, days at Pullen and 
Jaycee parks, trips to the zoo, 
picnics, and many others. 

Kati Chapman and Ashley Wellons are a prime exam- 
ple of the closeness shared between friends who are 
always together. Here, they are having dinner on the 
dining hall patio. 

Above Center: Katherine Holt and Lynn Pntchett are 
having difficulties manuvenng their paddle boat at 
Pullen Park. It looks like they are headed for a collision 
with the photographer's boat. 

High school students went roller skating on one of 
the first weekends after school started. 

12 Planned Activities 

Far left: Emily Jenkins, Cooper 

Thornhill, Emily McQueen, and 
Emmye Taft are collecting samples 
of creek water on an environmental 
science field study. Where did 
Emily J. get those overalls? 

Ninth and tenth graders Sarah 
Harris, Nancy DiMaio, Kat Krouse, 
Meghan Costello, Tamara Cochran, 
Katherine Mitchell, Erica Lind, 
Catherine Cerne, Sarah Barbee, 
and Elizabeth Hill took a trip to the 

Catherine Forsythe and Anna 
Bradsher Honeycutt woik together 
on a lab experiment in their science 

Pullen Park was a blast when 
boarding students visited on a 
Saturday in August. We climbed on 
the caboose, rode the train around 
the park, toyed with paddle boats, 
among other things. 

Student Life 13 

JulieAnne Arnold and her friend Bud listen attentively 
as always, to the wonderful words of Dr. E. 

Jessica Hobbs, Allison Wilkes, and Louise Harris are 
jukin' and jivin' to the rhythm of When Cousins Marry 

Dr. Esthimer is a true carry-over from those 70's years. 
Has he always been this laid back? 

14 Labor Day Picnic 

Fall Frolics 

On a lazy afternoon at 
summer's ebb, Dr. 
Esthimer's Band, When 
Cousins Marry, provided the 
entertainment for the Labor Day 
Picnic. They played a variety of 
classical rock music which kept 
the girls listening for hours. The 
usual picnic menu of hamburgers 
and hot dogs was served on the 
patio outside the dining hall. 
Although it doesn't take much to 
get girls excited about a holiday, 
this picnic added to the feelings of 

Maria Granda, Heather Holder), Farrah Amerson, Mika Annie Mason, Alice Manning, and Betsy Poole wait for 
Lanier, Alicia Isenberg, and Jenny Bennett dramatize a the dinner Mrs. Hill and Mr Mathieu are preparing for their 
scene from "Little Women." advisees. 

Student Life 15 

Amid all the commotion of "meeting" our sisters, we took 
a break and had some delicious cake. It was labeled just 
in case we forgot why we were there. 

<3: •: 

Leslie Allred found El Boykin, her long lost sister. The 
two caught up and remembered old times. It's funny that 
they don't resemble each other much, isn't it? 

Southern Belles Erica Lind, Melissa Razabdowski, Laura 
Montgomery, and Harper Best enjoy the cake and 
lemonade as they rest in the shade. 

Tea for Two 

On a balmy Thursday 
afternoon in September, 
Saint Mary's girls were 
invited to an English Lawn Party 
right after an All Campus 
Chapel. The shaded grassy area 
between Pittman Auditorium and 
the soccer field was a scene right 
out of a Jane Austen novel. 
Dressed in their finest, Big Sisters 
searched for their Little Sisters 
and when they found them, got 
acquainted over cake and 
lemonade. Graceful figures 
floated through the air as girls 
played badminton and and swung 

croquet mallets. It was a chance 
for Old Girls to greet each other 
and meet the New Girls. 
Laughter hung in the air as the 
sun cast elongated shadows on 
the lawn. Students mingled with 
faculty and staff and chattered 
about plans and dreams for the 
coming academic year. Little 
Sisters were full of questions 
about campus life and Big Sisters, 
with at least a year of experience 
under their belts, felt important 
when they could provide the right 
answers. The afternoon was such 
a success that many hoped the 
English Lawn Party could become 
yet another tradition. 

Jennifer Lewis, Nancy Hill, and Kelly Karras are 
soccer playing pals who are glad to see each other ac 

16 Big Sister/Little Sister and Pig Pickin' 

This is the Life 

On September 29th, we held 
our first attempt at a "bring- 
a-date" pig pickin'. Only a 
few dates showed up, but the 
function was still a lot of fun. The 

Natalie Jones looks surprised to be the camera's main 
locus. Maybe she's ready for seconds, and just wants the 
photographer to make way. 

band, Life in General, was the 
highlight of the afternoon. Their 
music was a refreshing mix of 
their own originals and well- 
loved favorites. They were 
extremely enthusiastic and 
encouraged the audience to join 
in their fun by providing extra 
noise makers such as, maracas, 
a tambourine, squeaky toys, and 
others. The use of these 
instruments made the event even 
more enjoyable. To top it off, 
activities director, Louise Harris 
and other Saint Mary's girls 
joined Life in General on the 
patio playing the instruments 
and singing along. 

Farrah Amerson laughs at what appears to be an inside 
joke. Jenny Bennett, Ashley Thompson, Carrie Upchurch, 
Evelyn Way and a date don't find it at all funny. 
Apparently some people are just more easily amused 
than others. 

As Jennifer Rasmovich and Becca George walk over to 
the refreshment stand, Charlotte Kosanin walks away with 
a nice cold coke. 

El Boykin, Katherine Wrenn, Ashley Smith, Raven 
McDonald and Anne Helene Novak are delighted that 
good old Chip bar-b-qued some mighty tasty pork for our 
Pig Pickin'. 

Student Life 17 

We've Got 



e've got spirit, 
yes we do! 
We've got spirit, 

how 'bout 


Spirit Week is a time 
for fun and friendly 
competition between 
students. This year's 
events included Disco 
Day, Nerd Day, Twin 
Day, Saint Mary's Day, 
a banner contest, a 
kickball tournament, 
and a volleyball game 
in which the faculty 
and staff challenged 

President Jenkins sneaks in a little 
practice before the big Faculty vs. 
Students volleyball game. Very clever, 
Dr. Jenkins, very clever. 

Here are the master minds behind the 
genius of the winning college dorm 
banner, Jennifer Rasmovich, Louise 
Harris, Cassie Warrington, Jessica 
Hobbs, Allison Wilkes, Stephanie 
Phillips, Kari Syrdahl and Tracy 

the students. The 
students were divided 
into teams by floor for 
boarding students and 
by class for day 
students. The overall 
winners were second 
Penick, third Smedes, 
and the ninth and 
tenth grade day 

On the set of "Dazed and Confused," 
we. ..oops! My mistake. It's just 
Danielle Little, Kitty Watkins and Emily 
McQueen, all dressed up for Disco 

18 Spirit Week 

The ninth grade day students 
transform into toddlers as they come to 
school prepared for Banner Day. 
LeAnn Earp, Missy Lund, Elizabeth Hill, 
Sarah Hams, Nancy DiMaio, Katherme 
Mitchell, and Catherine Cerne model 
their PJ.'s. 

Dr. Esthimer goes au naturelle as he 
lets his true self come out on Nerd Day. 
Not being the normal cool, suave Dr. 
Esthimer, many students didn't even 
recognize him! 

The ever spirited girls from Penick 
dorm flaunt their stuff as they form a 
pyramid in the middle of the dining hall. 

Student Life 19 

Perfect Parents' Day 

A crisp October day found 
parents on campus going 
through a typical schedule 
with their daughters. Well, 
almost typical because classes 
were shortened to cover all the 
activities on the agenda. 
Registration in Smedes parlor 
afforded parents and students a 
chance to meet and greet over 
coffee and juice and the dining 
hall's famous poppy seed muffins. 
Classes were followed by a 
sumptuous luncheon after which 
the Cold Cuts performed. 
Other events of the day included 
student artwork on display 
around the campus, and 
performances by the Drama Club 
and the Performing Dance 
Ensemble. Members of the tennis 

team paired up with their 
mothers to play a round robin 
tournament, while the rec league 
and varsity soccer teams joined 
forces for an exhibition scrimmage 
on the soccer field. 

The day ended with a Sundown 
Social on Dr. Jenkins' back lawn. 
The highlight of the decorations 
was the first place winning 
pumpkin designed and decorated 
by the ninth and tenth graders. A 
country band provided 

entertainment at the social. It 
was a great place for parents to 
get acquainted with each other as 
well as with the faculty and staff. 

Candler Vaughan greets her mother in the halls of 
Ragland after a class. On Parents' Day all the students 
were seen looking bright-eyed and awake, dressed nicely 
for class. (As if we weren't like that every day!) 

During the reception in Smedes Parlor, parents were 
everywhere, following their daughters with folders in hand. 
Kathenne Holt and her mom seem pleased to see each 

Allyson Scott's mother was among the parents who 
came from near and far to see their girls on Parents' Day. 

20 Parents' Day 

Lynn Pritchett and Corey Mapes mingle with a friend at 
the Sundown Social. Parents and students gathered in 
the blooming backyard of Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins to enjoy 
heavy hors d'ouvres and band music. It seems Mr. 
Scarecrow misplaced his parents and Lynn and Corey 
were cheering him up! 

A man on campus! Eeek! It's Lee Posey's father, 
accompanying her to class in Ragland. Lee's dad looks 
over the classroom, observing carefully to make sure 
everything is in order for his daughter. 

"Isn't it just like high school again, guys?" Stephanie 
Loy's mother reminisces. Stephanie and Anna Bradsher 
Honeycutt apparently don't share the same excitement. 

Student Life 21 

Dig In! During the pumpkin carving contest, we rolled up 
our sleeves and dove right into the orange depths ol the 
vegetable. Hard at work are Corey Mapes, Lynn Pritchett, 
Fiquet Bailey, Kathenne Holt, Elizabeth O'Donnell, Julie 
Morgan, and Danielle Costineau. 

Students were encouraged to bring a pumpkin and some 
creativity to the picnic area on back campus. Ideas ranged 
from painting to carving both silly and scary faces on their 
pumpkins. The best decorated pumpkins were chosen to 
be on display at the President's house for the Sundown 
Social on Parents' Day. 

Tossing out all the pumpkin seeds, Jessica Hobbs and 
Allison Wilkes look happy to do so. Come on, girls! 
You're supposed to toast the seeds and eat 'em! 

There are my Crayola Crayons! Just kidding, it's the High 
School SGA, dressing up for Halloween. 

22 Octoberlesl 

The Great Pumpkin 


This year, Octoberfest was in 
conjunction with Founder's 
Week. Some of the activities 
planned for the celebration 
included a Cold Cuts performance 
and a tie dye party on the dining 
nail patio. Tuesday night was 
saraoke and make your own pizza 
night. Many students took 
advantage of the opportunity to 
ing along to their favorite tunes 
n front of the student body. 
Dthers had more fun laughing at 
;he fearless performers. 

Founder's Day chapel was 
graced by the presence of Saint 
Vlary's founding mothers and 

fathers, only in costume of course. 
A number of the faculty, staff, and 
administration wore clothing from 
the mid 1800s, the time in which 
Saint Mary's was founded. That 
same night, a campfire was built 
on back campus. Here, students 
made S'mores with marshmallows 
roasted on straightened coat 
hangers, combined with chocolate 
and graham crackers. Ghost 
stories were told around the fire, 
and as a result, many students 
slept in rooms with a large group 
of their friends to ease their 
fright. In Smedes, some girls, 
who had single rooms, did not 

sleep alone in their rooms for the 
entire week. 

On Halloween, a carnival was 
set up in the dining hall. Most of 
the social clubs, along with some 
other organizations, set up booths 
in which students played games, 
such as bobbing for apples. Also 
at the carnival was a costume 
contest, cake walks, and fortune 
telling by none other than Ms. 
ESP herself, Madam Lou Lou, 
Dean Jones. 

Ellen Stecker displays her ringing school spirit by 
dressing up as a telephone lor Halloween. 

Ashley O'Brian, Leslie Allred, Elizabeth O'Donnell, and 
Kati Chapman boogie on Karaoke night. The various 
brave souls at Saint Mary's were actually convincing as 
they pretended not to have stage fright. There was an 
enormous list of songs to choose from that night. And in 
case anyone forgot the words to the chosen song, there 
was a TV screen to watch as the words moved down. 
"Oh, what a night!" 

Student Life 23 

Puttin 1 on the Ritz 

Is it possible to take a drab, 
utilitarian space and turn it 
into a place of magic and 
mystery? The high school 
and college SGAs with the able 
help of Student Activities 
Director Louise Harris did it! 
The Elks Lodge on Millbroook 
Road was transformed into a 
dim, glittering world of 
candlelight and sparkles. Long, 
spangly ribbons dangled from 
the dozens of helium filled 
balloons that floated on the 
ceiling. The floor was covered 
with shiny, multi-colored 

confetti, as was each table top. 
Beside the candles on the tables 
were top hats and batons, 
symbols, of course, of "the Ritz." 
Music was provided by The 
Risse, from Durham, who 
played a variety of songs 
ranging from The Village 
People to Van Morrison. In 
fact, before the first huge wave 
of students and their dates 
arrived, the group played a 
range of oldies for the 
chaperones who were there on 
time. Getting dressed up and 
stepping out was great! 

Elizabeth O'Donnell and El Boykin, are exhaust! 
after a long night of puttin' on the ritz. 

w jffHa* J^H 

■ , Jn } 



W T *V ^1 


■ / ~^« 

r ^^^B : 

f- ^W 

vV 1 . 4tc^L 2^^^^b 


Amy Mackie and her escort, who says "Are we 
having fun yet?" 

Who's Chaperoning here? Jessica Hobbs and Holly 
Evans keep an eye on Mr. Mathieu and Dr, Bauso. 

24 Fall Formal 

Evelyn Way, Elizabeth Davis, Emme Barfield, Ann 

Helen Novak, and Erin Higgins take a break from 

Danielle Ruffino, Lisa Mann, and their dates are 
kicking it up and "puttm 1 on the ntz!" 

Tracy Tranguch and her date are ready for the party! 

The Risse did a terrific job of providing music for all 
generations. But is that really her hair, or not? 

Student Life 25 



Glows at 


Lighting O' The Grove was 
the last activity planned 
before Christmas break to 
bring together students, faculty, 
staff, and family. The night 
began with a special Christmas 
chapel, where the new 
marshalls' dresses were 
blessed. Candles were passed 
out at the end of Chapel and 
the congregation proceeded 

Everyone gathered 

around the Christmas tree in 
front of Smedes. Holding their 
candles and singing carols, 
anxiously awaiting the lighting 
of the tree. Atlas Brewer did 
the honors, while Evelyn Way 
performed a solo. The crowd 
was visited by Scrooge and 
Santa, who reiterated to us the 
meaning of Christmas. 

As the chorale delighted the audience with their 
lovely voices. Dr. Quinn directed. Toward the end of 
the ceremony, Evelyn Way sang a beautiful solo of 
"Oh, Holy Night " 

26 Lighting 0' The Grove 

Santa Claus pays a visit to Saint Mary's just long 
enough to teach Mr. Scrooge the true spirit of 
Christmas I just happen to have inside information 
that they weren't really Santa Claus and Scrooge. 
Maybe I'm not supposed to say anything, but it was 
really Dr. Esthimer as Santa and Dr. Bauso as 
Scrooge. What tipped me off? I saw Dr. Bauso's 
daughter waving to him and saying "Hi Daddy 1 " 
Scrooge doesn't have a daughter 1 

Cam Ross, Katy Taylor, Karen Edmondson, January 
Belk, Ryan Baker, Sherrod Sisco, and Shaner Garner 
get together for the camera, candles in hand. 

What angels we have as our SGA! That's right, the 
student government dressed up as angels for the 
Lighting 0' The Grove, sponsored by the 
Granddaughter's Club. Danielle Little, Corey Mapes, 
Kitty Watkins, Cassie Warrington, Emily McQueen, 
Meghan Krell, Allison Wilkes, Adrianne Stone, 
Charlotte Kosanin, and Jessica Hobbs didn't need to 
dress up. We all know they're angels 1 

Danielle Costineau, Sarah Barbee, Allison 
Thompson, and Jennifer Spencer sing carols, and 
receive a little warmth from their candles 

The Christmas tree was on display in front of 
Smedes for the Lighting 0' The Grove. It was 
beautifully decorated by the SGA and Silent S. 

Student Life 27 

Two year olds they aren't, but they are precious! 
Robin Thomas, El Boykin, Maria Granda, Nikki 
Savage and Jackie Rogers are ready for their 
bedtime story. 

Santa NEVER looked so good 1 The Cold Cuts are 
radiant as they contribute to the holiday spirit in 
Smedes Christie Anderson and Liz Spratt brighten 
up the parlor. 




i s i 

i . - » % 

— *: 



. V iM 

r — x ^Kr 






Y VNt \tM 


i iSL 


L ! 










... f^| 



It ' °fe ^ffl 

,- -^TmP ^ ^^^ 






,-C7 ■■-. i_. 



Laura Montgomery, Alicia Isenberg. Erin Kiliany, 
and Lai Johnson line up for their hot chocolate and 

Margaret McGlohon and Beth Jenkins "drive" this 
particular Miss Daisy straight to the arms of a 
surprised Dean Jones. Daisy is dressed in a facsimile 
of the marshalls' gowns that Dean Jones provided for 
the school. 

28 Circle/Beacon Party 

the night 
before. . 

Who says Christmas is 
just for little children? 
It is for everybody who 
gathers in Smedes Parlor after 
the Lighting O' The Grove. 
Circle and Beacon, honorary 
leadership societies in the 
college and high school 
respectively, invite all the girls 
to put on their pajamas and 
come snuggle down with hot 
chocolate and cookies to hear 
Santa Claus recite "The Night 
Before Christmas." The Cold 
Cuts add new dimensions to 
their performance by taking 
on new personas. It is a warm 
and happy time when we 
celebrate the holidays and the 
fact that we have survived 
another semester. It is also a 
time to celebrate the extended 
family we are all a part of every 
single season we are here and 

Speaking of personas - that Dr. E. is a master of 
disguises, or should we say surprises? He just never 
quits, does he 7 At least he had every single one of us 
fooled. We would have never known it was him. 

Student Life 29 

The Way We Are 


One needs only a casual 
glance at these two pages 
to see that we do love to 
eat! Actually, we work hard 
and we play hard. Life long 
friendships develop around 
shared popcorn, coke, pizza, 
and food from home. We have 
the wonderful ability to turn 
the slightest event into an 
occasion, especially if there is 
food involved! 

Once everyone was settled in their new rooms, they 
didn't take time to enjoy them. They'd all leave and go 
to someone else's room! Dorm life at Saint Mary's is 
the best! 

Melanie Holmes and Thronie Jefferson do the 
croissants and coke thing at brunch in the dining hall. 

There were just a few days between the end of 
orientation and the official beginning of fall. The Labor 
Day picnic is an annual affair anticipated by Jennifer 
Hardison, Julie Morgan, Sarah Dowd, and Chandler >^t 

30 Candids 

Three childhood friends are still together as Seniors 
at Saint Marys High School. Kate Walton. Dickens 
Whitley, Ann Powell prove that true friendships last, 
even when Dickens is a boarder and the others aren't. 

Two day student beauties, Tyler Harris and Laura 
Montgomery bask in the late afternoon sun during the 
fall pig pickin". It was a perfect day for a picnic, as 
their smiles show. Either that, or there was something 
funny in that Coke. 

Every day and night during the week of Octoberfest 
brings new opportunities for culinary delights, as 
Lindsay Hardison and Elizabeth Davis demonstrate, 

Kelly Livingston shows true grit as she works off 
calories on the stair master. Too many picnics, 
lunches and brunches require diligent exercise. 

Student Life 31 

Ashley Smith and Raven McDonald are roommates, 
soccer teammates, and best friends forever. 

College students gather in the gym. This group is 
comprised of Ashley Dawson, Sarah Paige Allen, Beth 
Herring, Whitney Szymcyk, Mary Norvell Hope, Jane 
Twamley, Christy Anderson, Kene Beth Ratteree, Brennan 
Mosley, Deborah Aycock and Cyndi Warren. 

1)8 * 



Beth Bernstein, Day Student, third from right, is spending 
the night with friends in Smedes. Her welcoming 
commmitte is made up of Laura Burke Davis, Eliza 
Jenkins, Linda Lawson, Katherme Holt, Kimry 
Blackwelder, Ruth Hearn, and Elizabeth O'Donnell, 

They clearly have a destination in mind, but where could 
it be 7 Jane Twamley, Ashley Summerlin. Cyndi Warren, 
Christy Anderson, Charlotte Kosanin and Jill Djordjevic get 
ready to hit the road. 

32 Candids 

\/\/ like to move around in 
V V groups getting ready to 
at. There is, after all, safety in 
umbers. Obviously, the students 
ren't the only ones interested in 

Along the Way 

There is still a little girl lurking in all of us. Sarah Inman, 
Evelyn Way, Elizabeth Davis, and Kim Kulers are so 
proud of their artistry. 

It's a feast, and Mrs. Hill is first in line HalHaIHa! 

(Actually, she is uncovering the mountains of food the day 
girls brought in for the Thanksgiving dinner) 

Ashley Bell, Janet Uy. Brennan Mosley, Jane Smith, 
Tracy Ivey, Amy Palmer, Ginny Jackson, Kim Newman, 
Zoe Graham, Jennifer Zahren and Emmalee Jones 

It's a Spiders walk! Ashley O'Brien, Kate Walton. M'Lee 
Welch, Dickens Whitley, Lucy Heath, Nancy Sylvester, 
and Emily Harer are amused at their antics. 

Student Life 33 

A Journey Toward 

34 College Sophomore 

Also Takes Us Away 

'3 V 

The end of 
more year finds 
us on the brink 
of yet another 
moment. As 
exciting as it is 
to end one set 
of experiences 
to begin anoth- 
er, it is with 
sadness that 
we realize that 
our journeys 
often take us in 
different direc- 
tions from the 
places we have 
been anchored 
until now. As 
we embrace our 
young woman- 
hood we sense 
the poignancy 
with which 

the childhood is 
left behind for 
the ones who 
hold those 

memories so 
close to their 

Divider 35 

ifizrizA- 3ra^e ^Svi&e/i 

J Maa i&ecej£ae>& die /<e&£ of^o&r . y 

& /^/niS/nAeri &tt ' (e>Aa/ JW& Aa&e fa 

/vim&7i£&* aeyiesiete o/& i! wAez/' ^e>& a& 


OAsvAty ^fbepao&A ^rb/id&Mvi 

^4'Ihz^ '^send^/Zan. ^fo/UAosi^- 

3*&efa/i. 3"6apAe* 3'ja/ixet 

J ^o& Afa/cAj&>e fa tAzrt-ezo/t/ m <£& 
&/ie fa&/ aoice (A aa^^wz^ 

Sva/iA/yyi. OfajzaAega 3ff arp&* 

^Sti&iz/ktyf &lcA/itz£A Z/ faeae/, 
/np Aeart fiefatirgcA /n^ a^eas^ Aea*/, 
uvZ/i su*Ai&yi &se£/?Mp face fa ^ztf< 
S&V/7Z 6?e cr&<d&_ fa £fe ^ytz&e. . . 

u ^oa/^f a/i*/ ati&f aiilZZ oA && /7&acA. 

2$&4f /Za/viea' vifa ^earA oa ate faiet/l 

ci&ee/i- c//<e£wvie<A 

■yv6r6tes<jne ,,- ibeade < 


zt£ ifcsic/ even. Ate fiegfiruvyy? of' line c$i& 
otfat it /a. /ts/vityiA, Me &u£of£fe 

/ft . . OA/&*f'A//S 

(iJtea'& /i&t&, eeAaea&Mru 
6z/w/ <5&aaapa. &. <. 

3va£Aer&ie ^p one ,%J/*za&/&^ 

•y/i afe <&& c*z/i/ze>£ cAooAe (to/* ci"ca/. 
A/iznceA J //e ctzn. cAexrAe c//r a&itad, 
OAovAe fa fie Atyyig?// 

Sx^ 6le Cri&icA&x Szh/TlitetOA 
-jAcz/i&, 27 faeie^cfa. 

36 College 

J%e*feec« 2//<&u2 &a#yt#eu: 

u ^e&te*aa^ ife<»B ' &ie £e?ai/iagi, 

S/o/no/wai <vw$Zti /!/ie e/iaS. 

CrameaiAere c*t- Me /7iiaa& a^e ttecame &fe 


^&ata*ie Sfc&ert SVe&Lart 2£ea£?&<agf& 

yj ezca*a^A jenjea* &7a/ coodawz oatd- o/z. 
a*- <y^a%f atc^amayfre me caapA, oa/ c/ 

caaa/iaar aLtm/amajee, me cw 

S7c>^ Alfeeet/im- !&afuztt>ap 

. eras* ezt&ap, tAefe en. 6$e Aon. a?*e.m^ 
&p/l&i/ awiirvz£ian&, c/map /i^/vacA 

6$em, &u£ 2/ can. coo& eg?., *ee i4ei* 
eaate, fieaeete vi. /Aem., czna'&w &>-&>£- 
coat e&ef^ &ie^ ceatz. 
- co/LAfioata 

^>yiz/ic^ i/catf Cielnerc^ie 

O/rizty ^D^yix, 5Azr£& t 


•&&: «BX 

V/^oa coc& Aom<s&la>gL Aet" i(/^ee ifcX 
■)me& tiacA, Aien a" «<£» aana^A mean/ 
ih- ete. 
- Cb/zjEnoavz. 

<yiteezf^ Oct%xz£e£% S&a/zenAe^&t 

Otzacaiavz. i& an. aaJruraAce &4a>gr, oaf 
a* <& a^ecc to /*ememo& < -A* <} ' m - tan& £>$a/ 
/t/^znm^t tnat' &A aLCjrjftA/isMtt&ige can. oe 


c&oe ^&AeA&?<<zAtzm. 

c/ KLO&/a / /<a/>ley~ caapA ec~i/A /Ae Amae^A 
/Man. c/%e a^aA iie Aacn&, c^ecaaAe asijgc 
&i~e aoo^z'tzie &o/£n&. 

Sophomores 37 

.^*£i0?^ Svhzztvz &<*zzizzz± 

^ez&z 3*&<yie 3*6<zsAt?z& 

ezAezzzAof^ozz- a* ziz*zAzrt& cc^/zytayY^zfa 
tzAzz/ faz^ zzy^A'zzi ^* M 6. 

J^6. zf . C-ZZizy^OZi- 

^Gecxs a ^^z^ezt face* 

Ctope a&ziez'^ozz fait&z; 

~i~>ziz/dtm Z £a%e i( a/zfao- 4Zz^ozz&/£ 

U C6ziAziZ>ZZVi. 

Szvtzzice* 0&za£e66 3"v&yw^i 

3A& zztzu/ wa^faz/ <Azy « /Azzz" m szAzcA 
tz*e- Azzz*z /is*/ /zzzz^Azzz 

sh ^rozrzz'/fcz'ezizz' '« AzzzvAfa/iziz/, AzzzvAA 
fa fazzzv, aziz/ otzi/iz^mzAA, fa/fvgcez'. 




G'zijz <Az^ /Azzz" <& 
<zz" fA&si&rier aziz/< 
atezyzzA/Azzi^ /Azz/ \ 
tzzizzfay fa s*e0vomd 
zAzyzzgzAozzZ^/Ae &*& 

^e&tzca 3*6oAA± 

.sii&ZAZYZ Kybezz/3*§oAAp 

^vbazy </ifa/i0e/e&5<yie 

38 College 

1 t \ i 

Ws ^ 

ffirgwzta. ^barte. ^ade^o/i. 

OVbz/i/to/i, i£^yie/i(e ^pe/ij£&iA 
cAa/we Me £&Agc& el ctzsi. ^S&/iu/6p2 

0/?i/7z*z/ee i&«» ^pa/te^ 

SOiereatz Csa<x&n/iJ2 jj e/ie& 

J^&a can./ietw dt&cotxsr /iew oceans 
<y6ie Afcw. 

373te/?i4£(± 3v<zt&a6z 

.yfczvg OadZ&wiA 3tb&y* 


^2h irea 


y!edc .!ybeaee STbwryier 

Sophomores 39 

'j/jeasi '7/i&&/t* ^SyruAvt 

^&w« jya/ie <, wbOR/l 

_ Ibszrp 0/n//p >, (CKMye 

ow/wi/ia/i. L //&d/&vte/afr V lbc>&2a?y 

ft/A&v* A&/ fa^a&y /& <z &*/% &/i<Z MO'/ 4- 
wA? &*■ c&SA*/ M? /i/v&esi/. 

■ tbf&y? . >*D onward '■'jfo vvAwyr ,. Yo/sAi 

Aere. *J/Ae 0iam&t£ t-y.wz; elf 4- /iw& a- 
6/Ae- yMt wS/A &■*-. ,yj &/ Aty*?- a /iiz/<S of 


^('btzpa/Ti-i lyAtwa 


ZseAAsi (Az&4-, AfretzAetA (tv&i Mi/i^Aus 

(&&> m/s* wA"/y sl/pAA*. t&XMf M'/ZA , 

40 College 

<s<zs<aA Hzkaacae- i" : (e L eri^. 

: ^rxs yw//i *6r<yiylA an&tef&da/gt. wdA 

o/fv&ies* 33yoo&e ^rba/n*>& 

Lcxs/we Csootei&i. Snjc^A 

J/'aa/'e/Ze cX>irui .^yba/y&w 

<z/ts/ <&*/<&* M* '/w, *A*S{f ^' Atzee 

?</<£. ^AV oy< //'//Mf/// 1 ^/yy&i*/*- 6& &F*l 

/?uz£e& /A* Sim/cAyiAYY <*W<ft 
<W<z/V?l^ M*. tyywy, fryA/& /Ae e&etz/y^ 

L l6/iAyiotan- 

^fiayie J3/VZW ^frfiAA 

^'rj/nesV'Ctz/i Ay AirM, ^/"^/Mfyyi Ay /A% 

Sophomores 41 

3rsv&2*Z^/fyi<?& l eA av Me tzAw/y fa came 
faaedie" 2?otf&a/ve& <*» £nt ffAs/r/-a fa 


y/A/^e^ &&&z£e/5?: Crjgy?i£^£ 

^'I'barZfoz ^/£i/7ij?/ta. S/eztes<&aA2f 

irivned&ry aden we A&6Z s^ynjvi&ce 
^•e A oAtmz^ <Sfe-"<s caa&i. e" fao &iacA a*e { 

sn.tM&/ tz/)j/ 6vw/j?A 6i& thas^ ate &? 
A/n/Az aaas*eea& . . a*e AatAa' a&^?/* i fa4i 
Cft". oAncn cr£*e 

t (bezr^ 3lj(://p 2/eagt**e 

^Oe a'Ao A<o/n- seo&e fa jx'/k \paee&d- 
/Asv^apA eAe Ao-u/itAy:^ *A# {A? re/^a-at 
/AgrA/. at Mt "Yy? M L 'ty £${?/ ly/rus-i/ 
fats?*/ aAwJ t a^/A Atztz/ny *Ayi& arytA/. 
y/cAAca/n OaAAhn- $3/^<zs)/ 

^fiayie oA&aAe/SA Satta/nAty 

^fasie/ V fbaytAtz "^ 

f6asva ^wtszs/sAz 'Ay/<is<A''wsi 

J^&^e<v<V> A/ aA<im*//*±a 

^/o/nt/iayiA aym az/a ozir aciefr a/tO-, 


( /ArsM &/<?y f<v a a'Atfe faazwy /$m>/- 

/zrw/A in an. cza" Ae<z^& 

._'&?<Aa'e an /lefty eAc MZ/7H2 . 


42 College 

tzzYMe zzi&ritvvej- ice c& eAayvz/ czz^e <£» 
^ozzz* Aezzz^ / i&(w , C>ez4&z'e-. 

^'(Zzzi/e ^£>&azw, '7/i&e& 

SZaep . l&azs^J?W/fzZe 

&aezz% rS>/nzzzijzt& c ^fz\^zz&^ 

*Svvig?e/zz ^ezzA^ezzz^ 
•yAtz/ et «'*///}&>&• czvzie iz^ain. <» eziA%z! 


%wii&< ^^r^^w 

J^beAecczz ^£>/irt& *. Vezzvnzzzi 


irAzzzi^zvi, ^t?ee £& ^s£>znztzzz* 

3v67i(i£r6y Oa/vie/&z& Skzzzzvi. 

^</x\. Wiarte 3fos<<£ez'zc 

•u. vbe&Mtz Syw Sr&grzzdzvi. 

<x?azzz<zi ^Gozzz^e (?&/•&< 
JJczz/i t ll>az<ze S?ezzSzz 
Cfa-&£z v/iizvfe iyo^zzvz 

CrZzz-y O/w Strisitf 
^/jezviz/£y< 3%>tzz<tsi '7fa&o~ 

Sophomores 43 

Dreams Can and 

\ ( Theonc they pick 

44 College Freshman 

Do Become Reality 



have a 
way of 
being passed 
on, changing in 
the process. 
The dreams of 
a college fresh- 
man reflect 
where she has 
come from 

more than 

where she is 
going, because 
this particular 
leg of the jour- 
ney is just 
starting. She 
will begin to 
put together 
the pieces that 
she has gath- 
ered and 
weave them 
into the part 
that will 
become the 
whole. This is 
a time to collect 
that which will 
be necessary to 
see the journey 
to its end. 

Divider 45 

Deborah Aycock 

Katharyn Baden 

Ryan Baker 

January Belk 

Danielle Boucher 

Jamie Branch 

Tara Brown 

Melissa Butler 

Melissa Dew 
Katie Duckworth • 
Jeannine Eason 
Karen Edmundson 

Holly Evans 

Sinclair Eowler 

Shaner Garner 

Becca George 

46 College 

Jamie Griswold 
Christy Hall 
Kiista Harmon 
Melanie Holmes 

Phebe Hubbard 
Tracy hey 
Graham James 
Thronie Jefferson 

Natalie Jones 
Aya Koyama 
Kelly Livingston 
Amy Mackie 

Ann Dial McMillan 
Amy Morrissey 
Kaori Numako 
Jennifer Ormsby 

Freshmen 47 

Amy Palmer 

Stephanie Phillips 

Peri Potkovick 

Jennifer Rasmovich 

Kerie Beth Ratterree 

Liz Richardson 

Cam Ross 

Margaret Rowell 

Ellen Smith 

Jennifer Spencer 

Lois Spencer 

Lindsay Stinson 

Anu Sundaram 

Kari Syrdahl 

Katie Szilagyi 

Katy Taylor 

48 College 

Allison Thompson 
Tracy Tranguch 
Candler Vaughn 
Dee Dee Washington 

Lauren Williams 
Sandy Aichner 
Amy Atkinson 
Heather Brantley 

Danna Danieley 
Cecily Luta 

Cecily Luta 's senior 
portrait did not appear in 
the 1994 Stagecoach. 

ik's freshmen strike a pose before going out. They are Ann Dial McMillian, Shaner Gardner, Sherrod Sisco, Karen Edmundson, Cam Ross, and 
Iran Aycock. 

Not Pictured: 

JulieAnne. Arnold 
Germaine Brandt 
Dayna Edwards 
Kim Hassell 
Elizabeth Kdlen 
Lindsay Jones 
Cory Maybach 
Chris Peffer 
Eliza Pittman 
Sherrod Sisco 
Jeni Stallings 
Misty Taylor 
Sarah Vanmeter 
Kiera Williams 

Freshmen 49 

Wise Women Don't 

50 Twelfth Grade 

Have All the Answers 

By now 
we are 
ning to under- 
stand how 
much it is that 
we do not know 
and how far we 
have to grow. 
The end of the 
high school 
journey poises 
us for our ini- 
tial venture 
into truly unfa- 
miliar realms. 
But because we 
have been 
loved and nur- 
tured, we are 
ready to face 
what is beyond 
the grove with 
confidence and 

Divider 51 

s£>/i<£ea ^S^i- ^^&t&i-5yis<zgfae 

3*&a/yii>z&M^ (A a da&e/^Sp, wAtcA wAen. 
/la/wt&a'iA aaz^a^^^ii/ £eye/i*/y<n&* 

2/t am £ ea$^ fie&iganseru 

/!im&. 3"6oAi&^ dac£ <v>. Zfomz wA& p 
fie fiazm^f/zv/* &y&^. 

!y£ &e&?i± c£pe SAw^ can. t ' fie/uzac/lp 
a&io^pe/ "Ate *A#zztaffa*z' /Za£e AQe^cKx/ 
«&*/»" ajAa/ &ie& are a/ia / ertJe-& &tem 
a>A&i- 6iett cc/n&s 

^ 'vbary oAana4%y< ^^af 

vaw&te Svtz/izz/TZ Oa/KG^a/z 

•!%) a/ c7 y&uw a^e cast £4 c 

52 High School 

3f/Aere <w e/i& mj/yet&rsi/ tfAScA er/Azi- 

iS&zAteZp Precede ^Aznf 

£f(ZSi/t:A£i t (OfZfYc Ucv/W&tz 

W n 



m \ 


&?<e&Ais/i, C/if-i^e Ga 

c/ eayiect &>-/i&m K/i/vwjfA styt] flz// a/ice- 
!y/. /Aeny/cw^ /iAere fit tz/ig' ^oitfaeM c/ 
czz/i eA0t&, '-V* <z/i& jfwz/ tAisij? ,y ctz/i ay*- 

fp/* Cf 4A*Zcc/1g£/l&&4 /A/* K'<ty <ty*z-&i, 
~7/ S/jfrz/7i '^styi/t 

*ZE>a- ^Eiaar&i S&e&na/i 

Jjww/^ A (/,&/(: /<*/* {Ae Ate 

/? & j? / si cr 

/tar/ ty t/ ^tm/ /&ee /zy'M ^tmz, 
wz/>j? a/teir/ Ojfgfoa. fitAiriz/. 

Jas^^/dr^c ST/fit: 3'6<w&kw 

5////^ S/o&i/i 3ijt<!/vj* 

t If 1 cvz-e c-fZ/t £r<^ AtscA <z/it//ntzA'- tz fisyzstt/ 

S3CYZ* »Azs</, A«/ tZ/tp<>/lt' rtz/1 *//{/</ /*"<W 

Acre (Zfu//7i-</Ae a- A/vz/it/sitv/i c/zz/. 

Twelfth Graders 53 

OfaL&zAe/iA SgrAsy 3"6(Z/y*te 

£*z/A. . ^tVTit/im-z- wi/A /Ac wii-ez tz/i-tz 
4*vnt/6'?i*:^ tz^z-in-^/ //, £&/ we /zi-ez*/ ±<zSA. 
a/izA/t-oS <zz^i£ <y Are ez/ ezzieAzv. 
&&•&< A/ezizA^AS'OoAzieA 

^fbtz/tf 3ibeA^ 3%5easYi 

~izi^A £^e ^z^ozzA^e-A zzizzAe /AeAzyzzzyity 
Azzzyzzy &fazA. . 
TStzz" ^feww 

tvezz^ J5 e-SAzanzAi 3%5ezztA 

CzztzzZzi ez A>/. S/z czwzli ziz>Aizh^ zzzi^Aie. 
izS^fe «l J»<2j%; CZZZ^fazzz^ZZVl. d$o«A 

S/Azz CzirzAMLezzz 3°6ipptzz'i-A 

.AiAz'zzy* fit: fazze fa yozzz^iezy czzizA «/rzzi^A 
(y> /<•/' wAzz/ yozzz- Aezzz^" fieZzez'eA 

SvazAezAve 3vtzze 3*6 ozZ 

c/Aeie zzizvzzezi/A we azv AA? /zvzA zzuzy 
yzxz aAz'zzyi /vmemAc/*, /Aene zzizvnzizi/^, 
ezz<? *Azzz<tzz£& /zzz 1 . ^AAere «i zzwzAiri t*zzz* 
Azzzz<, /Aezt: <j waziy in e^zy aAozh. 
5/AzzziA^, iz" >> Aeezi zz Ax<eAa czvzi*e. 
^izzzzziy SQtz/jtezz' 

^A&Azczzz. ^vzz&Ae cz&ezizt&gz 

Jre/yvw' sArzzryt 

•Az-azA-izsizA aye AzzrzAfaAvizA. AzzzvAy 
fa fazzz^ azizA izyiz^^zAA fa f^zy:/ 

O Az'-xzzAzAA ^riz. 



(yw-zn&t*vie& cyy-j/eztAzy tcwaPaZod V 
AA-/zzziz 7/e AAzzzAe (A~z Ae«/. /gyz/zAc 

zv«/ oMzeewzt zAz& we zA/w*zA 6 . 
zA'e Ae-*/ iy Zzz7te&, 

J/y/z*e d$\ ztz*/ ' A?*yi 'yizzzz tz'izA t*zzz* czvzi \ 

/izzzjzhzi^, yieyzizyiA if <v Aezrzzzz-je zz'e Aezzz*: 

eA/yez<ezi/ t&zzzziszier. £&>e£ &&■ ^A/i fa zAz 

zztzz^zz we Azzzz 1 , AzwtzLez* zzizzZ4Zzz<ezA ez* ya 


3*5ezizy SrezzvzA 5Azyezzzz 

54 High School 

c7/fe C>o/i/iea& 

^fa/?iiz/i6faz ., Ivaryaret 3Tba/&v 

^qnertepef £C<V/ Aane /it*/ &*&/.„ 


J@a/ tAe^zc Mwf» eAvi //niz&sr a/ aAA 
"jtty. &?'•(///" fa/i&ytAe «yi( l (Aw / /z/i*Ay* 




c/t '<i fiz/t/iy fa fa}A?A A(W a A/YAe/iAzsx 

Jfr/teA •&/ < esjsi &&/i4efae& 

SAba7iA<y<Ap Jz>attvi, 5tu&Av<& 

fa/TlC/W//' UV+ 

'Aw/ 6>*na/waf, /or 


OKvyve& Of (fo (WV2. 

cfaairy » faoz/AAe a ensyaji/, f/&/« fafAty 





t n ^| 

--^ » 

1 il' > a 

A<zcA 0/1 AAe &ax/&?u&i asitA Aze/jjA^ A&/ Ss 
/i&fy McwpA/ S/(AA^oA &<zc% o/i M& 
y<x*<A/&n*» asi-cAc/y. 

Twelfth Graders 55 

Ibet&^a Cf&& w (bar&si. 

Cra/^x. 3w/vma!e/i, ^ &bcO<&& K <2 

C&o-ar ... 

&AiAty S&a&r&z- <yffl>c@aeen. 

■/tart of/?t&, c//?i. ez/ijzrt e\ 
6vxieA t&Aaduk 
tener time mad 
cAanae /bte <4*# 

Srayi 3&ep && 2/AeAAa a/^e/^Soai^. 

Sfrvxat t preat '/fceestdlA are Aar</ to /&uA 
A&rd&> to fes&Kc a/z&t&v/Ap ivyioM/Ate to 

!y/tm it (g^atm man. t AeMwy 
'ty 3*3 (teA 

Sibyl t e&&* trw to un^^vtan^ et>&^ 



&<&tzzAe/Vt J^ attvesiae '.3A?zr^e> 

*- / ye;?i<a/Ze/ t a'Aat/i^r/te/yi^. o-ar twe& <ye- 

at&, egte- ^'/W(?-^ww Ae ceyi/zeeteeA, a/i/A 

ost/< ^A/'jitAAyi , AtAe* a/ukee oAtAeAzntat 

face-, tfviz^ 1 ^ Ae/isetso^M. asijZ. oe-a/t ■ 


56 High School 

SK/v-ide .ytjetAAn, ^AovAk 

l ^oa. AAoe to aecen/ ' a*Afztei^er <x>&be$- 
tznsAtAe o/iAp &m/is'/*ta/i/ /A&i^ i&. tntz/ 
yo>a /rieet // witA ooarape €zAtAa*&A- tAe 
oe&t ' t4'/zt&o&» Asz-pe to^«*e. 
' S'hoove&eA? 

S^anzA OAt'&iut &c 


SAos* Aygi geiti uoe a/id 'A^fA y<xt ,ttj$ 

vruAs^aera cc^ie*e a/ztA tetw- y<xt AAtt 

•AbtA^oa toAcA a/i't/ ' aA?'^<\a &ee- id- \ 

&mzr- 4^ (?«?««« &e. 


^^ ^Mc&ar&i ^W^ 

w&*Aazd( ^fo wi£d ^e&r Ae<z/^ tffie 

Ss^wi- !^5ec/a&e £/?<e&A£& 

Jre/ntAote* 3 \awai a^e & /?ieet ap<z&\. 

fetter, eeer &£ a/ty&xiif /k&?^<ia ^vfe^e 

^voo& m/<± ^oar^e^ a/id exxz/n&ie yoo* 

<&/%; on. /ooe, m/ai&l, a/u/ 'vL/ia/vZ&. 

^'«be/£&&<z- =Z5fVK«« S^Hosi 


Twelfth Graders 57 

„ Ibayfie /io£/l&ia 6Z4& A>/*ecf&* 

i/w ' Ate j?M>a/i£at/h£ a/* /sie- Aeez. 

3ft a/ /Ae timeA a^e /$<&/ &yee£le/*^ 

cOley cet6aTaat>€&u& fie avZstme. 


atS Me /<i/i. 
3fca/slar&ie 3*o<yi£a/Yi- 

^fj&Mtcez ^yotia/^n. SOlo/?KZ4- 



* 1 






L\W ! 




i (A Slt> AOeA M&rgl <2» <Z Uie&vz' 

4&m*z/i- de&iy // a^oa/ M*z/ Atvne/i&yiA 

Oaref/ocKyi^r 2//&vvzAt&? ^ariie ^.*6&&e^ SwryiAjri^ Stba/V&een. ^/vtoc§a&<& t 3wa/zosi 

A&mtz/i- de* 

•e a/id£s<»6z/u&>gf Man 

STAe devest */de ofjirtw<>i& eyi i& Mai 

Mvne/tme^ aivnei u^shzt '» fie^/ Ay* aoa 
rf 3? ' ' S 1 ^ 

/n&z/i^ (vv*zj£m£i Acvnea/iti «i Aetz/tf, 

*Jo/?it/&n^& ,y& re ,M% ut&ia'AAAA 
ifvne/wzeAaoa /"£ Me <&£* 
. (btzry oAttrtAin Otir/itsi/sy 

S^batsiA&i CrZasA&iy A/atAviA 

J ^oa mere o/ice avA/Ae/v. 
Mrs?* 6z/n-eete-e6. 
2/Mxziwz -Aa/uxz/i 

Skvi-'f At 

S^eAscca S^Sazzw^ 'fflatAcvi 
crbeyrisjmAer uAe^yf^a are. 

58 High School 

35k3^W 3fij>/z*u&fe£' : ffiap 

fittest ^&9/7ie£n&2^ &&- &^f a/ide/z&, 
ywe/z&tt&At 6z&e- time- 6> &//*&& tzsi -a 

^ 'SZee ^ffl>*Je£ WeM 

.jffli&wzm- ^/b&fax^ 'J#e/tevi4- 

6?4z£/iJ/£4'- te-j&S 1 ^01&* »/^l4. <z&>/z&. 


Frances Carstarphen and Katherine Holt are dining in 
New York at Roxy's in Times Square. 

Andrea Aitken-Sprague and Tyler Harris as the 
Doctor and the Yeoman in Dr. Gnssom's English 
Literature class. 

Twelfth Graders 59 

Innocence is Bliss 

60 Eleventh Grade 

For many 
eleventh grade 
year is one of 
Boarding girls 
may be away 
from home for 
the first time 
and day girls 
may be leaving 
familiar sur- 
roundings and 
old friends for a 
second chance. 
We all are 
beginning to 
wonder about 
the abundant 
that wait for 
us. Anything 
and everything 
is possible. We 
do feel invinci- 

Divider 61 

Stephanie Abee 

Leslie Allred 

Farrah Amerson 

Wendy Aukland 

Hannah Baggett 

Emme Barfield 

Lisa Bauer 

Louise Bauso 

jenny Bennett 

Beth Bernstein 

Kimry Blackwelder 

Ashley Blaylock 

Keri Booker 

LuAnne Box 

El Boykin 

Jamie Breedlove 

62 High School 

Jeni Burnette 
Alicia Carroll 
Christina Cerwin 
Kati Chapman 

Nancy Cobb 
Elizabeth Davis 
Laura-Burke Davis 
Sarah Dayvault 

Angie DeMario 
Sara Dowd 
Brooke Finney 
Jocelyn Fuller 

Sarah Givens 
Maria Granda 
Tracy Harris 
Blair Hinton 

Eleventh Graders 63 

Heather H olden 

Erin Holt 

Sarah Inman 

Eliza Jenkins 

Kristin links 

Christine Johnson 

Emily Johnson 

Kelly Karros 

Laura Knox 

Liz Knox 

Kyrstin Krist 

Mika Lanier 

Jennifer Lewis 

Christina Lind 

Stephanie Loy 

Becky McConnell 

64 High School 

Raven McDonald 
Kristen Mitchell 
Anne Helene Novak 
Elizabeth O'Donnell 

Amanda Page 
Meghan Rowlings 
Laura Raynor 

Jackie Rogers. 

Nikki Savage 
AUyson Scott 
Gee Suller 
i'llyn Stecker 

Adnannc Stone 
Susanna Tantcmsapya 
Ktithi Taylor 
Robin Thomas 

Eleventh Graders 65 

Ashley Thompson 

Lawren Townsend 

Ashley Twiggs 

Carrie Upchurch 

Courtney Weill 

Sydnor Williams 

Katharine Wrenn 

juamta Arciniegas 

Susan Crosby 
l.iz T.well 

Not Pictured: 

Erin Ragan 

Sarah Vaughau 

Sarah Viola 

Ashley Twiggs, Sarah Givens, 

Ken Booker, Cee Sidler, Hannah 
Baggell, Courtney Weill, Amanda 
Page, Alicia Carroll, and Stephanie 
Abee are all piled on a couch at 
Courtney's house over Christmas 

Kristen Jinks and Emme Barlield 
are playing the Roomate Game on 
Ihe stage of Pittman auditorium. 
The game was an amusing way to 
find out how much roomates and 
Inends knew about each other 

66 High School 

Katherine Wrenn, Brooke 
Finney, Elizabeth Davis, and 
Mika Lanier. 

Jackie Rogers is dressed up as 
a lion for her SGA election skit. 
She wants to be your pres! 

Eleventh Graders 67 

Spirit Conquers All 

68 Tenth Grade 


The tenth 

graders did 
bring a wave 
of spirit with them. 
They believed in 
the honor code and 
lived by its spirit 
daily. They got to 
know each other 
during a special 
orientation event 
which included 
them and the ninth 
graders on a week- 
end beach retreat. 
They brought ener- 
gy and enthusiasm 
to every activity 
they participated 
in from mixers, to 
spirit week, to 
slumber parties. 
Their tender years 
do keep them safe. 
They are, in fact, 
the wave of the 

Divider 69 

Sarah Barbee 

Eieia Branch 

Tamara Cochran 

Meghan Costello 

Jeanne Jolly 

Alice Manning 

Annie Mason 

Betsy Poole 

Emily Rawleigh 
Lisa Tippett 

Donnell Turner 
Emily Yerby 

Not Pictured: 

Collin Hanley 

Nancy Hughes 

Darri Washburn 

70 High School 

snth Graders Donnell Turner, Annie Mason, Betsy Poole, and Alice 
anning enjoy the shady picnic table behind Smedes as they do some of 
eir homework. 

sanne Jolly, Emily Rawleigh, and Collin Hanley are in the lounge of 
ll Park. It's their home away from home. 

Tenth Graders 71 

The Dawn of a New 

72 Ninth Grade 


The ninth 

graders were 
so proud to be 
here that it radiat- 
ed from them like 
sunshine. They 
glowed with their 
youth and their 
freshness. Every 
day was a new 
adventure all year 
long. The events 
that took them off 
campus - beach 
trips, mountain 
trips, mixers, cook- 
outs - only height- 
ened their antici- 
pation of what was 
to come. And for 
them especially, a 
whole new world 
did open up. A 
world in which 
they were expected 
to work harder 
than they ever had 
before, but a world 
in which there 
were adults and 
older students who 
were there to lov- 
ingly teach and 
guide. And with 
the dawn of each 
new day this first 
year, their smiles 
just grew brighter. 

Divider 73 

Catherine Ceme 

Nancy DiMab 

LeAnn Earp 

Catherine Forsythe 

Sarah Harris 

Elizabeth Hill 

Alyssa Holbrook 

Anna Honeycutt 

Amanda Horner 

Kathryn Krouse 

Erica hind 

Missy Lund 

Katherine Mitchell 

Lee Posey 

Crystal Pressley 

Melissa Razabdouski 

74 High School 

Hunter Rion 
Hope Valentine 

Catherine Cerne and Elizabeth Hill with Faulkner. I didn't think dogs 
were allowed on campus! 

Amanda Horner, Catherine Cerne, Missy Lund, Elizabeth Hill, Sarah 
Harris, and Erica Lind sit on the porch of LeAnn Earp's beach cottage, 
where they vacationed over Spring Break. 


Ninth Graders 75 

A Company of Sun 



; « 


1^ «i 


Tfe/ 5^ the truth before they can die 


76 Clubs and Organizations 

Iry Folk By Chance 

It is a privi- 
lege that we 
are here. As 
such, it is our 
responsibilty to 
try to give back 
some of what we 
have been so for- 
tunate to 
receive. All 
clubs and orga- 
nizations are 
expected to be 
service minded, 
whether it is 
canned goods for 
the fall food 
drive or volun- 
teering at the 
Program at 
Christ Church. 
Initiations are 
often loud and 
silly, but a seri- 
ousness of pur- 
pose underlies 
each group. 
Reaching out to 
others is one 
way to discover 
our own truths. 

Divider 77 

Ashley Summerlin, Jean Lyndon, Sarah Page Allen, Beth Herring and Ashley Bell are college resident advisors. 

College SGA members are in front of Penick. Seated are Nami Shiraishi, Charlotte Kosanin, and Jane Smith. Standing are 
Cassie Warrington, Jessica Hobbs, Ashley Wilkes, and Emmalee Jones. 

78 SGAandRA's 

The high school and college SGA is gathered for a Christmas party with Dean Jones, far right, and of course, Daisy. 

Jessica Thomas, Rebecca Ward and Julie Morgan, seated are high school resident advisors, along with Lynn Pritchett, 

Fiquet Baily, and Linda Lawson. 

Clubs and Organizations 79 

Ninth grade class officers shine after having completed a hectic school year, 
graders on campus, these girls had their work cut out for them 

Since this was the first year we had ninth 
And what a wonderful job Sarah Harris, Elizabeth Hill and 
Lee Posey have done! 

Tenth graders brought a lot of energy to East Park also. They were the mature ones! These five sophisticated tenth 
graders are, from left to right, Sarah Barbee, Betsy Poole, Annie Mason, Tamara Cochran, and Lisa Tippett. 

80 Class officers 

Junior class officers line up in front of the fireplace in Smedes parlor. They are, from left to right Laura Knox, Katherine 

Wrenn, Leslie Allred, El Boykm, Jackie Rogers, and Eliza Jenkins. 

Senior class officers stand in the shade outside West Rock. They are Alicia Isenberg, Frances Carstarphan, Ches Pope, 

Lynn Pritchett, and Evelyn Way. 

Clubs and Organizations 81 

Freshman class officers are left to right, Deborah Aycock, Ann-Dial McMillan, Holly Evans and Tracy Tranguch. 

Sophomore class officers are Jill Djordjevic, Ashley Dawson, Randall Lathan , advisor, Ashley Bell, Jane Twamley, Laurie 

Detherage, Brennan Mosley and Mary Miller Russ. 

82 Class officers, Judicial Board, and HSRC 

T !Tnn " dic ' al H Board , memt > ers P ictured ar e Dr. Steve Esthimer, Mrs. Nicole Hagan, Naomi Shiraishi, Ann-Dial McMillan 
Jennifer Hardison, Lauren Townsend, Mrs. Georgette Campbell, Jessica Hobbs, Allison Wilkes, Mary Miller Russ and 

Megan Krell. 

High school residence council members are Mrs. Kim Gabele, Caroline Cameron, Amanda Teague, Elizabeth O'Donnell 

Danielle Little, Elizabeth Davis and Erin Higgins. 

Clubs and Organizations 83 

Phi Theta Kappa, the college honor society, with members Emmalee Jones, Jennifer Zahren, Lauren Williams, Melanie 

Homes, Holly Evans, Charlotte Kosanin, Danielle Boucher, Kathryn Baden, Liz Spratt, Nancy Etheridge, Georgette Campbell, 

Mary Norvell Hope, Cassie Warrington, Beth Herring, Ashley Bell, and Brennan Mosley. 

*^BJ8 !!U« !2! PlF£^3™2i 

The high school honor society is pictured with advisors Randall Lathan, Art McCrae, and Dr. Margaret Grissom. 

84 Phi Theta Kappa, Honor Societies 

The French Honor Society officers are Rebecca Ward, Adrianne Stone, and Kitty Watkins. 



H '1 

at «■■> ■■« r 

III s»- 

Ma ■•"•"■J 




The Spanish Honor Society officers are Jessica Thomas, Katherine Fowler, Jennifer Lewis, Advisor Karen Hillman, and Emily 


Clubs and Organizations 85 

The College marshalls are left to right, Stacy Smith, Mary Harvard Nolde, Lucy White, Suzanne Jones, Mary Miller Russ, 

and Nancy Etheridge. 

The high school chapel marshalls are, left to right, Ashley Smith, Laura Montgomery, Emily Jenkins, Julie Johnson, Alecia 

Isenberg, Jennifer Harden, and Charis Saunders. 

86 Marshalls, Vestry, acolytes, and layreaders 

The members of the Vestry are, left to right, Beth Parker, Evelyn Way, Kim Kullers, Laura Ross, Charis Saunders, Megan 

Krell, and Holly Evans. 

Lay readers and Acolytes are, left to right, Evelyn Way, Mika Lanier, Jackie Rodgers, Robin Thomas, Krista Harmon, Laura 
Ross, Lauren Townsend, Allison Thompson, Beth Parker, Megan Krell, Elizabeth Davis, Holly Evans, and Katherine Baden. 

Clubs and Organizations 87 

FinG ArtS Club Bottom left: Elizabeth Davis, Farrah Amerson, Evelyn Way. Top left: Robin Thomas, Beth Parker. Kim Kulers, 
Jenny Bennett. Next top: Charis Sunders, Mary Gray Brunson, Carrie Upchurch. 

SADD Front row: Kitty Watkins, Corey Mapes, Emily McQueen, Katherine Holt, Danielle Little, Kimry Blackwelder, Evelyn Way, Kim 
Kulers, Eliza Jenkins. Second row: Stephanie Abee, Alicia Carroll, Maria Granda, Farrah Amerson, Carrie Upchurch, Elizabeth Davis, 
Emme Barfield, Luanne Box. Third row: Julie Morgan, Heather Holden, Jennifer Lewis, Adrianne Stone, Elizabeth O'Donnell, Rebecca 
Ward, Ashley Smith, Sarah Givens, Laura Burke Davis. Top row: Courtney Weil, Jocelyn Fuller, Sara Dowd, Jennifer Hardison, El Boykin, 

Katherine Wrenn, Kelly Karris, Raven McDonald, Frances Carstarphen. 

88 Service Clubs 

===r JE€ESP-1e-Ies ■■■ in 'HI in s^sssffiaBBaBS 

Habitat TOr Humanity Bottom row: Evelyn Way, Elizabeth Spratt, Farrah Amerson, Jenny Bennett. Top row: Luanne Box, 

Kebbie Barger, Cee Sidler, Jocelyn Fuller, Carrie Upchurch. 

Photography Club Bottom row: Josie Allen, Julie Morgan, Jennifer Hardison. Middle row: Becky McConnell, Heather 
Holden, Sara Dowd, Stephanie Loy. Top row: Dr. Estimer, Gaelle Widmer, Mary Gray Brunson, Rebecca Campbell, Jocelyn Fuller, 

Dr. O'Shaughnessey. 

Clubs and Organizations 89 

Four year girls completed their last two years of high school and first two years of college here. 

The Granddaughters Club has members who are direct descendants of former Saint Mary's students. 

90 Four Year Girls, Granddaughters, Atlas, and 

The Atlas has participants who hail from all over the world. Their advisor is Mrs. Georgette Campbell 

The Chorale is directed by Dr. Wiley Quinn and accompanied by Mrs. Terry Thompson. 

Clubs and Organizations 91 

Day Assistants are Angie Demario, Cee Sidler, Kyrstin Krist, and Laura Montgomery. 

i. \ . A 

The Day Council is comprised of Krystin Krist, Jocelyn Fuller, Adrianne Stone, Cee Sidler, Laura Montgomery, Jennifer 

Lewis, Angie Demario, LuAnn Box, and Corey Mapes. 

92 Day Assistants,, Day Council, Circle Beacon 

The Circle is an honorary leadership society in the college. 

The Beacon is an honorary leadership society in the high school. 

Clubs and Organizations 93 

The Scoop group has students from the college and the high school. 

Top to bottom, left to right are Sydnor Williams, Emmye Taft, Nancy Cobb, 

Kimry Bloackwelder, Lucy Heath, Ann Dial McMillan, Kate Walton, Hadley 

Watson, Debra Aycock, Sherrod Sisco, Sara McClure, Brooke Ramos, 

Stacey Smith, Jessica Hobbs, Emily Farber, Cassie Warrington, Jill Kumper, 

Helen Banzet, Holly Evans, Danielle Costineau, Kaki Berkely, Lucy White, 

and Cindy Warren. 

S.H.A.R.E. gathers outside the dining hall. Cooper Thornhill, Kelly Karras, Jennifer Lewis, Alicia Isenberg, Jessica Thomas, 
Catherine Fowler, Liz Johnson, Julie Johnson, Danielle Little, Katherine Holt, Emily Jenkins, Emily McQueen, Linda Lawson, 

Amanda Teague, and Frances Carstarphen.. 


UNDATETTES are, clockwise, Kitty Watkins, Ruth Hearn, Jennifer Hardison, Kim Kulers, M'Lee Welch, Laura Montgomery, 
Ashley Smith, Mary Grey Brunson, Raven McDonald, Elizabeth Stark, Jeni Burnette, Amy Beasley, and not pictured, Corey 


SILENT S from left to right on the first row are Nancy Etheridge, Sarah Page Allen, Mary Harvard Nolde, Cassie Warrington, 
Beth Herring, Whitney Szymcyk, Alison Wilkes, Allison Hobby, Carla McMasters, Melanie Pirie, and Nami Shiraishi. 

Clubs and Organizations 95 

Abra-Ca-Dabra members are Jane Twamley, Cyndi Warren, Ivy Dunnaway, Emily Farber, Ginny Jackson, Charlotte 
Cosanin, Laura Deathridge, Jill Djordjevic, Ashley Dawson, Tate Tatersall, Brennan Mosely, Helen Banzet, Brooke Ramos. 

Spiders are, from the back, left to right, Allison Wilkes-Madam Spider, Hadley Watson-Parliamentarian, Lynn Pritchett- 
President, Ches Pope-Treasurer, Ashley Wellons, Jennifer Kelsey, Julie Johnson-original member, Stephanie Loy, Jocelyn, 

Fuller-Secretary, Lindsay Hardison, Melissa Martin and Fiquet Bailey. 

96 Abracadabra, Spiders, SU, and Cold Cuts 

&"'" v: WSr$ '•-.-"- --^ 

Cold Cuts in their new colors, as resplendent as Spring, are from left to right on the front row, Stacy Smith, Charlotte 

Kosanin, Tate Tattersall, Liz Spratt, and Melanie Pirie. Back row-Ivy Dunnaway, Helen Banzet, Laurie Deatherage, Cyndi 

Warren, Kaki Berkeley, Ashley Dawson, Kim Newman, Jean Lyndon, Christy Anderson, and Jill Djordjevic. 

<B$ §- 

MAPS- From the top left they are Jane Smith, Christy 

Anderson, Jill Kumper, Danielle Ruffino, Mary Miller Russ, 

Liz Spratt, Jean Lyndon, Stacy Dunikowski, Mary Penn 

Anthony, Amy Palmer, Zoe Graham. 

Serenitas Veritas bring a smile to everyone's face. 

Clubs and Organizations 97 


^eacfi your parents well; their children's pain will slowly go by 

Athletics pro- 
mote sound 
bodies to 

accompany sound 
minds. Fall sports 
include high school 
volley ball, college 
tennis and club soc- 
cer that this past 
year was a mixture 
of high school and 
college players. The 
high school basket- 
ball season spans 
the Christmas noli- 
days and tends to 
overlap with swim- 
ming and soccer in 
the spring. There 
has been a tennis 
dynasty here for 
decades. Now we 
are on our way to 
becoming a soccer 
and basketball pow- 
erhouse. The girls 
joining the various 
sports programs are 
not only outstand- 
ing athletes, they 
are extremely capa- 
ble scholars, most of 
whom carry a 3.5 
GPA or higher. In 
addition to the 
usual bonds 

formed among stu- 
dents, team mem- 
bers are molded by 
a camaraderie that 
is the result of a 
unified effort to per- 
form at the peak of 
one's ability. 

Divider 99 


Ruth Hearn looks confused, but Tracy! 
Harris, LuAnne Box, and Jeni Burnette have, 
all the answers. Just ask them! 

Sarah McClure instructs her worthy oppo 
nent on the finer points of the game. 

THE high school tennis 
team was led to an 
undefeated season by state 
champion Jeni Burnette 
and state finalists M'Lee 
Welch and Ruth Hearn. As 
PACIS champions, the 
team finished in second 
place among all indepen- 
dent schools in the state 
tournament. Coach 

Gammon feels that "we 
were very fortunate that 
this talented group chose 
Saint Mary's." 

The state tennis champs are front row, left to right, Nancy Cobb, Blair Hinton, M'Lee Welch, and LuAnne Box. Standing 
are Ruth Hearn, Sarah McClure, Adrianne Stone, Tracy Harris and Coach Jessica Gammon. 

100 Tennis and Volleyball 


First row, Mika Lanier. Second row, Lisa Tippett, Corey Mapes, Courtney Weil, and 
Betsy Poole. Third row, Emmalee Jones, Mary Grey Brunson, Lauren Freeman, Alcie 
Manning and Blanch Hancock, Coach. Not Pictured: Laura Raynor. 

§ 1 .1 t JL 



»4 "■ 

!ie team cheers as they win the point. Left to right are Lisa Tippett, Lauren Freeman, Alice Corey's form is as graceful as her figure as 
anning and Laura Raynor. she serves the point. 

Sports 101 

Raise your hand if you're sure. 


The basketball team, 
coached by Davis Dillon, 
played valiantly through 
a tough season, ending with a 
2-11 record. A big win came 
when the Saints defeated 
Greensboro Day. Through tight 
defense and three point shots 
from Elizabeth O'Donnell, the 
Saints were also able to win 
over Salem Academy and Hale. 

Ruth is the W-O-M-A-N! 





f V 

Ins, 1 

x. " 


All those dark uniforms and Jennifer. Boy, is she tough! 

Elizabeth tries to get to Emily through a 
wall of Hale players. 

102 Basketball and swimming 


Meghan Costello, All Conference swimmer, inhales as she swims the butterfly. 

Despite being the smallest 
team in the conference, 
we finished seventh out 
of nine teams. On the state 
level we finished 15th out of 18 
teams. Megan Costello, Kristin 
Jinks, Lauren Townsend, Missy 
Lund, Keri Bookers, Tracy 
Harris, and Laura Knox all gar- 
nered All Conference honors. 
Coach Gabele only had one 
returning swimmer from last 
year and was faced with the 
task of rebuilding a very young 
group of swimmers. 

wim team members are from left to right on the front row, Liz Knox, Keri Booker, Kristin Jinks. 2nd row, Laura Knox, M'Lee Welch, Meghan 
ostello, Anne Helene Novak, Ashely Twiggs and Missy Lund. 3rd row, Coach Gabele, Tracy Harris, Lauren Townsend, Ashley Tompson, 
shley Blaylock, Liz Ewell, Manager Tyler Harris. Not pictured, Erica Lind 

Sports 103 

Kristin Mitchell and Ashley Smith lead the 

KK even took care of Jen-Jen after her 
knee surgery. 

Three seniors and the rest will be back 

Soccer 104 

How 'Bout Those Saints? 

Get out of the way! Here comes Kelly! 

Davis Dillon's soccer 
team, led by Parade 
Magazine's All 
American Raven McDonald, 
finished the season with an 
incredible 15-2 record. They 
were only a goal away from the 
state championship in High 
Point during a match that went 
into multiple overtimes. 
Chastity Clark, Rebecca 
Ward, and Ashley Smith all 
graduated, but the rest of the 
team will return to bring us 
the best soccer in the Triangle. 

Raven and Eleia watch and wait. 

A A 

We'll miss you Little Bunny Wrabbit. 


ie rec team was comprised of athletes from both the college and the high school They 
re awesome too. 

Sports 105 

College Tennis Reigns Supreme!!! 

Coach Jessica Gammon instructs her 
conference state championship team. 

Poetry in motion. 

Brooke Ramos is one of Gammon's top players. 

College Tennis 106 





Blanche Hancock, back left, assisted 
Ken George, back right, in coaching the 
first season of Softball. Catherine Fowler, 
Hadley Watson, Emmy Barfield, Emily 
Jenkins, LuAnne Box, Emily McQueen, 
Mika Lanier, and Erica Lind were mem- 
bers of the fledgling team. 

Catherine Fowler 

McQueen's shoulder 
studies the action on 

looks ove 

as Hadley 
the playing 

r Emily 

Sports 107 

Student Life 

And jeed tfiem on your dreams 

108 Student Life 



Each girl 
with her head 
full of expecta- 
tions. It is the 
dream that pro- 
pels each of us 
forward, gives 
meaning to the 
work we do to 
succeed academ- 
ically and gives 
us something to 
anticipate at the 
end of the work. 
From orienta- 
tion to gradua- 
tion there is life 
abundant here. 
There are pic- 
nics, dances, cel- 
ebrations of sea- 
sons, celebra- 
tions of celebra- 
tions! This is 
the life. 

Divider 109 


The Daddys arrived on 
February 15, just in time 
to register in Smedes 
Parlor and head to the dining 
halls with their daughters for 
brunch. Entertainment was 
provided by the Cold Cuts. In 
keeping with tradition, the 
ladies allowed their fathers to 
take them shopping. It was dif- 
ficult to walk very far at 
Crabtree Valley Mall without 
running into girls and their 
dads. Later that afternoon, the 
fathers who were not familiar 
with Raleigh were given the 
grand tour. Before the dance 
students and their fathers dined 
at some of Raleigh's finest 
restaurants, such as the Black 
Marlin, The Melting Pot and 
Casa Carbone. After dinner, it 
was off to the dance. The DJ's 
played songs ranging from old 
rock and roll classics to modern 
day hip hop. Everyone received 
a special treat when Cam Ross's 
dad show off his singing talents. 
Sunday's chapel service was 
highlighted by a sermon deliv- 
ered by Jessica Hobbes' father. 
The festivities ended with 
brunch in the dining hall and a 
heart full off delightful memo- 
ries for the daddys and their lit- 
tle girls. 

These girls take over the dance floor while doing the Electric Slide. 

Zoe Graham's father is clearly with the 
girl of his dreams. 

What a crew! Taking a break from dancing are Hac fl 
Corey Mapes, Emily McQueen, Emily Jenkins, Ruth ( 
Laura Burke-Davis, Catherine Fowler and their dads 

110 Father Daughter Weekend 

Mr. Ross and Cam take their turn at singing. 

Brunch was sublime, it seems. 

I Danielle Little, Linda Lawson 
ti Pritchett, Jessica Thomas, 

So this is what dorm life is all about? 

Student Life 111 

The Last 

112 Goodbyes 


* > • 

■< . <* 

. 4, • • 

STudent Life 113 

Ribbons and greenery adorn the gates and on the facing page, even street lights. 

The faculty processes in full academic re| 

Kitty Watkins and Hadley Watson walk smilingly into the future. 
114 Graduation 

Chaplain Ellington leads the school hymn. 

on 1995 



It was upon us before we 
knew what had happened. 
We were so caught up in the 
journey that we lost sight of its 
end. But after spring break 
and the Easter holiday, time 
seemed to roll away at a pac e 
we had no control over. The 
flurry of exams passed in a 
flash and then we were 
capped and gowned and lining 
up to march around the circle, 
through The Grove and right 
down through the middle of all 
those who assembled to 

The handkerchief drops, signalling the end of the 1994-95 school year. 

Student Life 115 

Dean Hume and Dean Jones watch as Masie Froelich, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees, awards diplomas to college sophomores. 

Emily Jenkins and Liz Johnson process. 
Graduation 116 

High School graduation speaker Griffin 
Bell with Adrianne Stone and Laura 
Raynor, the first two Bell Scholars. 

Jeannine Eason and Ann Dial McMillan College sophomores march through the grove for the last time. 
marshalled the high school graduates to 
their seats. 

The final rendition of the school hymn for the sophomores. 

Student Life 117 




< 7fe one they pick the one you know by. 

118 Facultv and Staff 

Faculty, staff 
and admin- 
all enjoy a close 
and special rela- 
tionship with the 
students that 
extends far 

beyond the class- 
room. There is 
always someone 
for the girls to 
talk to, whether 
about troubles or 
happy times. 
From advisors to 
professors to the 
folks who work 
in lower Smedes, 
the support sys- 
tem here is one of 
the things that 
sets us apart. As 
we stated earlier, 
we do love to eat. 

Divider 119 

"Vickie Allen 
Secretary, 'Buildings and if rounds 

Ellen Jew Anderson 
Associate (Professor of Art 
Chair, 'Division of Jine Arts 

Joan (Battle 

(Director of College Transfer 'Program 

'Dr. 'Thomas (Bauso 
Associate Professor of "English 

Antonia 'Befi 
Instructor of Dance 

"Ellen 'Birch 
"Jletcher Distinguished Professor oj 'Math 

Lonsie 'Bolash 
Library Circulation/Serials Supennsor 

Atlas 'Brewer 
'Mead oj Security 

'Dr. 'Edward 'Burgess 
Assistant "Professor of (History 

120 Portraits 



'Dr. Joseph Caddell 
.Associate (Professor of history 

Qeorgette Campbell 
Associate 'Professor of 'Biology 

'Bonnie Clart^ %M. 
'Director of 'Health Center/Head 9{urse 

Sarah Claris 
Secretary to the 'Dean of the College 

ihhy Connell 
Assistant to the Alumnae 'Director 


Candis Co^ 
Instructor of French & Spanish 

Windel Crawley 
Director of 'Plant Operations 

Coco 'Dains 
Assistant to the Dean of Students 

Sandra Della'Rpsa 
Student 'Billing Coordinator 

Faculty and Staff 121 

'Bruce Diet 
(Physics Instructor 

Dave Dillon 

Assistant 'Professor of history 

'Director of Athletics and (Physical 'Education 

Soccer and 'Basketball Coach 

Michael TLdwa rds 
'Math Instructor 





fV . 

(Meta 'Ellington 

'Dr. Steven "Esthimer 

(Hiram fuller 


'(Ranlqn Professor of (Humanities 

chair, 'Division of Humanities and Social 


'Buildings and "Maintenance Supervisor 

■ ■ 




(KjmSerly Tionteki Qabele 

Instructor of (Health & (P.T,. 

Swim Coach 

Jessica Qammon 
tennis Coach 

Thelma Qardner 
Accounts Payable, (Purchasing 

122 Portraits 

%en Qeorge 

Cam-pus 'Technology Coordinator 

Softball Coach 

Qloria Qraham 
Library Coordinator 

'Margaret Qrissom 

Associate (Professor oj 'English 

Chair, 'Division of Languages & Literature 

Dr. 'Kenneth Quilmart 
Associate 'Professor oj Latin 

%e6ekah MdBane Qunn 
Assistant Processor of 'English 

9{icole Hagan 
Assistant Professor oj Jrench 
Academic Progress Coordinator 

John Ham 

Assistant Professor of Humanities and Social 


'Blanche Shade Hancock 

College Placement Advisor for High School 

'Volleyball Coach 

Assistant Softball Coach 

Louise Harris 
Thrector of Student Activities 

Faculty and Staff 123 

'Betsy Hill 

Day Student Coordinator 

Publications advisor 

%aren Hiffman 
Assistant 'Professor of Spanish 

"Hilda Holkmd 

Administrative Assistant to the (Development 


'Dr. John C. Hume 
Dean of the College 
Projessor of History 

Mice Hunter 
fMailroom Supervisor 

•Krista Hurlbut 
food Sendees Director 

Tauline Hyman 
Assistant Professor of Social Sciences 

(fail Ivtu 
Administrative Assistant to the 'President 

'Mary 'Ethel Jacvcl^s 
Director of finance 

124 Portraits 

(Dr. Clauston Jenlqns 
'President of the College 

'Margie Johnson 
Receptionist/Switchfioard Operator 

Sarah Johnson 
Library distant 

Mary Lou Jones 
'Bean of Student': 

Tracey Jones 

Resident 'Director, 2nd Smedes 

'Director oj 'Residence Lije and "Housing for 

"High School 

Allison 'King 

'Resident Director, Penicf^ 

Director of 'Residence Life and Housing for 


Sinn 'Kiser 
'Resident Director, 3rd Smedes 

(Randall Lathan 
Instructor oj "English 

'Bonnie Leopard 
Secretary of College 'Transjer Office 

Faculty and Staff 125 

<B.J. Mathieu 

'Edward 'Matfiieu 

dissociate "Professor of Chemistry 

Chair, 'Division of 'Math and Science 

Dr. Lucy Melbourne-Magdy 
Associate Professor of Language 

Linda Mueller 
Instructor of 'Biology 

Susan Musgrave 
'Director oj Annual Qiinng 

J. Author Mc%ae 
Associate Professor of 'Math 

Larita 9{elson 
Computer Records, Development 

(Dr. Margaret O'Shaughnessey 
Associate Professor of 'English 

Tatty (Peace 
Custodial Supervisor 

126 Portraits 

%aty Peacock 
'Math Instructor 





Tat (Plant 
'Bookstore 'Manager 

Cjisela Plemnwns 
'Bookstore Assistant 

Vickie Posey 

Language Instructor 

Division of Languages & Literature 

(Dr. "Beth Proctor 
Assistant Professor of 'English 

'Dr. iVylie S- Quinn, III 

Jletcher 'Distinguished Prof essor of 


'Elizabeth Shzaron 
Instructor of Art 

'Dr. 'Martha M.. Smith 
Director of Library/ Academic Computing 

Laura Starki 
Instructor of 'Jrench and Spanish 

Faculty and Staff 127 




Mary 'Virginia Swain 
Communications 'Director 

Terry 'Thompson 
Assistant Trojessor of 'Music 

Christine Thomson 
Reference Librarian 

Chip 'Williams 
Assistant food Service Director 

Anna 'Wooten-'Haivkins 
'Associate Professor oj "English 

Tad lignum 
Atumnae Director 

Martha W. Jates 
Internal Auditor 

Alice Zawadzlq 
Associate Professor of "Physics 

Christine 'Benshoff 
'Reference Librarian /Catakyer 

128 Portraits 

'Barbara Elliot 
Assistant Professor of 'Math 

'Kurt Qulliland 
Instructor of 'Biology and Tfysics 

Juanita Reiser 
'Director of Administrative Services 




'Eric Toss 
Landscape Supervisor 

'Henry %ead 
'Director of 'Development 




Anne Soles 
Assistant to the %egistrar 

So this is what electncitions get paid to do.. 

Mr. Latban reverts to childhood in the East Park 
lounge- as he sits Indian style eating his lunch. 

Faculty and Staff 129 

admissions Staff: 

Catherine Scotf J 

Admissions Counselor 

Sefden Steed 

Director of financial 'Aid 

Jennette OierSert 

(Director of College Admissions 

'Barbara 'King 

Administrative Assistant to Admissions 


Qretchen Smith 

Director ofJiigh School Admissions 

Tstborah 'Edwards 

Computer Specialist, Admissions 

Ashfey JieCden 

Admissions Counselor 


Assistant Director of Admissions 


Maintenance andCleanina 
Staff: * 

130 Portraits 



Resident Directors just want to have fun, too. Ann 
Kiser, Tracey Jones, Mae Thompson, and Allison King 
sing along on Karaoke night. 

Dr. Bauso works hard to be fit by climbing countless 
floors of stairs on the Stairmaster. 

Maintenance are the only people on campus who get 
to ride everywhere they go. Here Lou Kiefer is on his 
way to save the day once again in his golf cart. 

<Xgt "Pictured: 

'Betty 'Bed 

'faculty Secretary 

'J\ay 'Durden 

Library 'Assistant 

Q. 'Dodge Qrecyhean 

'Thinned Qivincj Officer 

Faculty and Staff 131 

You must have been a beautiful 



132 Baby Pictures 

jby. . . 

& \, .-. - ': '< '%f«SM«Mi 

Divider 133 

Baby Look at You Now! 

135 All Grown Up! 

Baby Pictures 135 

Chastity Clark 

Congratulations Baby Girl! 

....On to Your Life! 

Love you always, 

Mom, Aunt Rachel & Friend 

Congratulations, you light up our life! 


Granny and Papa 

Catherine, your smile has given us 

much joy and happiness and we are 

very proud of you!! 


Mom, Dad, and Ron 

Lauren Freeman 

leman Jennifer Hardison 

We, too, are wishing for a wonderful 

and exciting future for you... 

We love you, Lauren. 

Mom, Dad, and Joyner 

Congratulations to our dearest Jennifer. 
You've made us so proud. May happi- 
ness and success follow you always. 
We love you. 


You will always be my "cat bird". 


Mom and Dad 

I said I love you and that's forever. 

This I promise from the heart. 

I could not love you any better. 

I love you just the way you are." 

We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations. ..We are very proud of 

you and we love you. 


Mom, Dad, Matt, Cassie, and Charlie 

Showing the courage and determination of 

your father you have achieved this goal. 

Congratulations, Kat! I'm very proud of 

you! Always remember to never ever give 

up on your dreams. Thanks for being my 

friend. I love you, Mom 

136 Baby Pictures 

Alicia Isenberg 


We are all so proud of you. 


Mom & Mr., Dad & Carol 


We are so proud of you! 

Mama, Daddy, and Kristin 

ISamantha.we are proud of you, happy for you, 
land quite impressed with your remarkable per- 
formance as a student. From this auspicious 
Ibeginning who knows what's next, but we know 
lit will be great! You light up our lives! 
(Congratulations and love always, 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Jenny! 

Mom, Dad, and The Boys 

Congratulations Meg! 

Much love, 

Mom, Dad, and Hillary 

Hold dear to those dreams that 
bring you happiness! 

Mom, Dad, and Jessica 

Congratulations princess! 

We are so proud of you. 


Hal, Mom, and R.J. 

Graduation is finally here! 
Congratulations and Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Allison 



Mom and Dad 

Ads 137 

Emily McQueen 


Julie Morgan 

Congratulations on a job well done. 
We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and Jason 

You fill our lives with joy and happi- 
ness. We are VERY proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, Samantha, and Ashley 

| Beth Parker j 

l| < 

Congratulations Beth! We are very 
proud of you and your accomplish- 

i Love, Mom and Dad 

To Alyssa, our bringer of joy and our 

beautiful scholar, then and now! 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Ashley, your smile has warmed so many 
hearts. ..Your love has touched so many lives. 
We are so proud of you and we thank God for 
sharing such a special gift with us. 
We love you, Mom and Dad (Matthew 5:16) 

Dear Ash, 

I've always been proud to be your little 
brother and I hope that one day you'll be 
proud of me. Love, Stuart 

138 Baby Pictures 

We are often judged by our greatest 

achievements. You, sweet Elizabeth, 

are one of mine. ..the daughter every 

mother only dreams ofhaving. 

My love always, Momma 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Stephanie, and Nathaniel 

Be happy! Smile! 

I love you- 


Jessica Thomas 

We love you. You made us very proud. 


Mom, Dad, Paige and Portia 

Congratulations! You are a first class 

act! We love you always, 

Mom, Dad, and Tad 

Never lose your sweet disposition and 

beautiful smile. We love you... 

Mom, Dad, Tiffany, and Jimmy 

Kate Walton 

Kate, over the past 18 years you have 
amazed us time and time again with your 
inner strength and courage. You have 
made us very happy. We'll miss you. 

LUVU, Mom and Alice 

Congratulations-We love you. 
Mom and Dad 

You have always brought MAGIC into 
our lives. You are a wonderful daugh- 
ter, sister, and friend. We adore you. 
Mother, Daddy, and McClain 

Ads 139 

Elizabeth Dickens Whitley 

My "Sweetee" M'Lee 

We loved you then, 

We love you now. 

We're so proud of you. 


Congratulations to our precious daugh- 
ter! We are so proud of you! Thank 
you for all of the joy that you have 
given us! We love you- 
Mom, Dad, and Field 

Dickens Whitley 

"Between each page of pain and 

glory... You're the best thing that ever 

happened to me." -You go girl- 

I love you, Mom 



Dickens.. .Still waiting for Willie Braun. 

We are so proud of you and love you 


Dad and Tonja 

Ashley Dawson 




, - 

A hearfful of love to our precious 


You have made us so proud. ..AGAIN! 

Keep your face to the sunshine, Ash, 



Dad-B.J.-Ashley-Tito-and Rolleaux 

Beth Herring 


We love you with all our hearts. You 
are the most precious gift we have ever 
received. We love you! Mom and Dad 


1 V 


i^ J , 

lations from Mom and Dad, 
Emily and Andy 

140 Baby Pictures 

Kumiko Kawata 

Keep on going honey.. Thanks for mak- 
ing us so proud. We love you. 
Love, Dad and Mama 

Congratulations to our one and only 

girl! Love, 

Mom, Dad, Gray and Eric 

Love always, 
Mom and Dad 





Jill, keep on smiling! 


Mom, Dad, and brothers 

We salute your success. The best is 

yet to be. Go For It! 


The Family 

"We must sail sometimes with the wind and 
sometimes against it-but we must sail, and not 
drift, nor lie at anchor." -Oliver Holmes 
Keep sailing baby! 
Love, Daddy, Mom, and Michael 

We are proud of all you have accom- 
Love you baby, 
Momma and Weedee 

We are so proud of you! 

Love you, 

Mom and Pap 

Ads 141 

We hope that your smile is always bright and that 
your lite serves as a light to all you meet in the com- 
ing years. Be a role model for your peers! May God 
bless all that you do and always stay close to you. 
We're so proud of you! Love you "pieces"! 
Mom and Dad 

"Where's my Big Mac"!! 

Congratulations Jane! 

You are the greatest! 

Love, Mom, Dad, David, and Steven 

Look out world, it won't be long now!! 

Congratulations Sweetie! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Joanna, David & Chip 


You're the best! 


Mama, Daddy, and Curt 

Congratulations on the past four 
years at St. Mary's. We are very proud 
of you and love you very much. 
Mama, Dad, Candace, -n- Justin 

To our darling Jennifer, Thank you for all the 
joy you have brought to our lives. Best wishes 
for you as you graduate from St. Mary's. Who 
would have ever thought that we would have 
gone to the same school! With much love, 
Mommy, Daddy, Hannah, Joanna, and Adelaide 

The grass withers but the tove between true friends witt forever remain. 

We share a special friendship that witt atways hold a ptace in my heart. Thanf^you for aft the taughs and 
fond memories! Jou are the greatest 1 . 1 1 I tove you aft very much and I wish you the best of tucf^in years to 
come, friends together, friends forever. Love, lAshtey 

142 Baby Pictures 

|LiraTa * Jessica ^Daniette : i : Liz -\- ^Catherine * Frances * Ruth ''^Hadlexj ■:- ErniTtj ].:;• 

I Emily M-. * Emily H.* Dickens *i" '■:' Cooper =;' Kute * Kitty * Piquet '■':'• Melissa ■':■ 
Catnerine % 

i Bits ana Pieces 

Corey *Lynn '■'■;'• 

Bits and pieces, Bits and pieces. 
|People, people important to you, people unimportant to you, cross your 
-Cije, touch it witu love unci carelessness and move on. There are people 
I who leave you and you breathe a siyh oj reDief and wonder why you ever 

Icarne into contact with them. There are people who leave you ana you 
breathe a siyh oj remorse and wonder why they had to qo away and 
|leave such a gaping hole. Children leave parents; friends leave "friends. 

Acquaintances move on, people change houses. People grow apart. 
|£nemies hate and move on. Friends love and n\oi>e on. IJou think on the 
■many ivho have moved into your hazy memory. LJou fooR on those pre- 
sent and wonder . 
1 X betieve in a master plan in lives moving people in and out of each 

other's lives, and each leaves a mark on the other. IJou find you are 
|made up of bits and pieces of ali ivho ever touched your life, and you are 

I mo re because of it, and you woufd be less if they had not touched you. 
Hope that you accept the bits and pieces in humility and wonder, 
■and never question, and never regret. 
■ Bits and pieces, Bits and pieces. -Lois Cheney 
|Thank you Jot making nnj years at Saint Mary's so wonder Jul! 
.1 love you! JuCie Tohuson 

"Make New Friends 


Keep the Old..." 

E E 

D and R 




7t£ dtUni&AiH* foiv Jot A t'nui 'it- tnhi for w!ry t\»*t 

-WrftnO.!, jJaAfizs, "^Ktnitt 

1f\i mAttir whftt fMtterMi okt t'tvii cte.AU, urn. w'ttt 
A&vAyi fa ciHYtictiA, faA twr foknAiA'fp/ Ct fa. a p'nct t£ 
tki finest tua, ivUt Abvtyi fa pnchhi AnA faAHt'tfinL 

Ads 143 

Our memories of yesterday wilt Cast a Cifetime. We 'IT take tfve best, for 
net tfve rest, ana someday we 'CX fitvct. . .These are tfve best oj times. 

Love, JCimry, ECiza, and Laura-Burke 

The Place" for 

• Hot Dogs 

• Burgers 

• Chili-Fries 

• Greek 

• Philly 

Consistently uoted 

-Spectator Magazine 
Rated "3 Forks" 

-lilRRL TU 5 

Mission Ualley 

Shopping Center 




Portraits / Family / Pets 

Package Otters 



Color Only 

Location or Studio 

144 Student/Business 




Cameron Village 

434 Woodburn Road 

Raleigh, NC 27605 


Friendly Service. 

Enormous Selections. 

That's What 

We're All About. 



420 Woodburn Rd. ♦ Cameron Village, Raleigh ♦ 829-1511 

Ads 145 

Stephanie Abee 
3108 Eton Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Sandy Aichner 
3240 West Trade St. 
Miami, Fl 33133 

Andrea Aitken-Sprague 
101 ModenaDr. 
Cary.NC 27518 

Josie Allen 

4921-201 Hollenden Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Sarah-Page Allen 
6826 Rosemary Ln. 
Charlotte, NC 28210 

Leslie Alfred 

118 Cedar Tr. 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Farrah Amerson 
101 Silver Fox Ct. 
Cary, NC 27511 

Christy Anderson 
414 Wildwood Dunes Tr. 
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 

Mary Penn Anthony 
P.O. Box 879 
Hartsville, SC 29550 

Juanita Arciniegas 
Calle 120 #36-80 
Bogota, Columbia 

JulieAnne Arnold 
P.O. Box 236 
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 

Amy Atkinson 
2214 Saint Mary's St. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Wendy Aukland 
214 Midenhall Way 
Cary, NC 27513 

Deborah Aycock 
10210 Duryea Dr. 
Richmond, Va. 23235 

Katharyn Baden 
314 Brookshire Ln. 
Wilmington, NC 28409 

Hannah Baggett 
2925 Wycliff Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Fiquet Bailey 
2338 Churchill Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Ryan Baker 
1125 Keowee Ave. 
Knoxville, TN 37919 


Helen Banzet 
307 Woodhaven Dr. 
Stoneville, NC 27048 

Catherine Baratto 
15A Jackson Ave. 
Ft. Myer, Va. 22211 

Sarah Barbee 
2419 Glenwood Ave. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Emme "Georgina" Barfield 
7755 Zebulon Rd. 
Macon, Ga. 31210 

Kebbie Barger 
3214 Meadow Rue Ln. 
Statesville, NC 28677 

Lisa Bauer 
11823 EdgewaterCt. 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Louise Bauso 
800 Faircloth St. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Amy Beasley 
1504 Patsy Ln. 
Laurinburg, NC 28352 

January Belk 
3401 Sharon Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Ashley Bell 
2124 Warwick PI. 
Fort Smith, AR 72903 

Laura Bell 
4172 Landover Ln. 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Jenny Bennett 

4615 Randolph Church Rd. 

Liberty, NC 27298-8108 


Kaki Berkeley ! 

303 Charmian Rd. 
Richmond, Va. 23226 

Beth Bernstein 
8513 Bournemouth Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Harper Best 
5105 Huntington Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Kimry Blackwelder 
678 Elmwood Rd. 
Statesville, NC 28677 

Ashley Blaylock 
408 Weathergreen Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Keri Booker 
2416 Tyson St. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Danielle Boucher 
1009 Pamlico Dr. 
Cary, NC 27511 

LuAnn Box 

432 Weathergreen Dr. 

Raleigh, NC 27615 


Evadora Boyd 

910 Constitution Dr., Apt.#1 11 

Durham, NC 27705 


El Boykin 

1303 Brookshire Dr. 

Wilson, NC 27896 


146 Directory 

Janie Bradsher 
Rt. 3, Box 483 
Roxboro, NC 27573 

Eleia Branch 
101 Napoleon Ct. 
Cary, NC 27511 

Jamie Branch 
2979 Hickory Ln. 
Ann Arbor, Ml 48104 

Germaine Brandt 

P.O. Box 1874 

Southern Pines, NC 28388 


Heather Brantley 
1213 Weldon PI. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Jamie Breedlove 

4409 Pleasant Grove Ch. Rd. 

Raleigh, NC 27613 


Tara Brown 

411 VarnRd. 

West Columbia, SC 29169 


Mary Grey Brunson 
2824 Jasper Blvd. 
Sullivan's Island, SC 29482 

Jeni Burnette 
7413 Capstone Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Melissa Butler 
110 Seminole St. 
StSimons's Island, Ga 31522 

Chandler Byrd 
Charleston, SC 29412 

Caroline Cameron 
5614 Riviera Dr. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Rebecca Campbell 
516 Santa Rosa Dr. 
Yakima, WA 98901 

Alicia Carroll 
3418 Carriage Tr. 
Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Frances Carstarphen 
Rt. 3, Box 324M 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Catherine Cerne 
3801 Northhampton Rd. 
Durham, NC 27707 

Christina Cerwin 
2501 Lewis Farm Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Kati Chapman 
2556 Howerton Ct. 
Charlotte, NC 28270 

Chastity Clark 
1230 Oakridge Ave. 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Lynne Clark 
143 Haigler Rd. 

Lenior, NC 28645 

Nancy Cobb 
2806 Exeter Cr. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Tamara Cochran 
100 Greenhaven Ln. 
Cary, NC 27511 

Meghan Costello 
208 Excalibur Ct. 
Cary, NC 27513 

Danielle Costineau 
1600MorgantonRd., K-1 
Pinehurst, NC 28374 

Susan Crosby 
12 Fairway PI. 
Asheville, NC 28803 

Shannon D'Amour 
408 Hogan's Valley Way 
Cary, NC 27513 

Danna Danieley 
10208 CreedmoorRd. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Laura Burke Davis 
One Lakeside Dr. 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Elizabeth Davis 
936 Toxaway Dr. 
Hendersonville, NC 28739 

Ashley Dawson 
104 Palmer PI. 
Washington, NC 27889 

Sarah Dayvault 
3403 Dover Rd. 
Durham, NC 27707 

Angie De Mario 
6121 PonderosaRd. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Laurie Deatherage 
Rt. 2, Box 38 
Washington, NC 27889 

Kimberly Deaton 

207 Selkirk PI. 
Durham, NC 27707 

Melissa Dew 

208 Northern Estates 
Rocky Mount, NC 27804 

Nancy DiMaio 
3115 Blue Ridge Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Jill Djordjevic 
3602 South PI. 
Alexandria, Va. 22309 

Sara Dowd 
105 Rothbury Dr. 
Carthage, NC 28327 

Katie Duckworth 
415 Ivey Day Rd. 
Oxford, NC 27565 

Ivey Dunaway 
201 Foxcreek Rd. 
Anderson, SC 29621 

Directory 147 

Stacy Dunikowski 
4608 Interlachen PI. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

LeAnn Earp 
1008Queensferry Rd. 
Cary, NC 27511 

Jeannine Eason 
713 S. Sellars Mill Rd. 
Burlington, NC 27217 

Gretchen Eason 
7308 Rainwater Rd 
Raleigh,, NC 27615 

Karen Edmundson 
4212 Glen Laurel Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Dayna Edwards 
628 Woodside Dr. 
Mount Airy, NC 27030 

Nancy Etheridge 
1041 Wellington St. 
Hight Point, NC 27262 

Holly Evans 
P. Box 128 
Harrellsville, NC 27942 

Emily Farber 
2756 Old Point Dr. 
Richmond, Va. 23233 

Caroline Ferebee 
3429 Brentwood Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Melissa Ferguson 
4101 E. Bannockburn PI. 
Charlotte NC 28211 

Meredith Ferguson 
755 Museum Dr. 
Charlotte, NC 28207 
(704) 377-8602 

Brooke Finney 
10 Saint James PI. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Shannon Fisher 
7300Laketree Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Catherine Forsythe 
709 Runnymeade Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Catherine Fowler 
110Galway Rd. 
Bristol, TN 37620 

Sinclair Fowler 
1812 Nottingham Rd. 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Mary Frauengofer 
1104 Chimney Hill Dr. 
Apex, NC 27502 

Lauren Freeman 
1421 Lynn Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Jocelyn Fuller 
306 Hillcrest Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27605 

Shaner Garner 
1750E. TexarDr. 
Pensacola, FL 32503 

Becca George 
136 Pine Needle Rd. 
Aiken, SC 29803 

Sarah Givens 
2308 Wheeler Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Zoe Graham 
1485 Farrindon Cr. 
Heathrow, FL 32746 

Maria Granda 
801 AlmeriaAve. 
Coral Gables, FL 33134 

Amy Grandis 
806 Flanders St. 
Garner, NC 27529 

Jamie Griswold 
4605 Hiddenbrook Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Christy Hall 
452 Dairy Rd. 
Clayton, NC 27520 

Collin Hanley 
2113 Saint James Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Jennifer Hardison 
P.O. Box 852 
Blowing Rock, NC 28605 

Lindsay Hardison 
Rt. 2, Box 58 
Cherryville, NC 28021 

Emily Harer 
1908 Sturbridge Ct.- 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Julia Harlow 

101 S. Windmere St. 

Rocky Mount, NC 27803 


Krista Harmon 
1002 Macon Dr. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Tyler Harris 
633 Crabbery Ln. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Jennifer Harris 
501 Oakdale Dr. 
Ayden, NC 28513 

Sarah Harris 
633 Crabbery Ln. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Tracy Harris 

3930 Northampton Rd. 

Durham, NC 27707 


Kimberly Hassell 
130 Loftin Dr. 
Rocky Mount, NC 27804 

Ruth Hearn 
3351 Sedgefield Rd. 
Statesville, NC 28677 

148 Directory 

Lucy Heath 

21 Swan Lake Dr. 

Sumpter, SC 29150 


Beth Herring 
2610 Bennington Rd. 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Molly Hesla 
5937 Sentinal Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Erin Higgins 

206 Gregory Rd. 

West Palm Beach, FL 33405 


Heather Holden 
4914 Shady Pine Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27455 

Melanie Holmes 

1749 Dobbins Dr. Apt. #1G 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 


Erin Holt 

4100 Converse Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Katherine Holt 
314 Lineberry St. 
Troy, NC 27371 

Alicia Isenberg 
20 Jean Dr. 
Asheville, NC 28803 

Tracy Ivey 
Rt. 9, Box 353 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Ginny Jackson 
1212 Tennyson Ln. 
Windsor, NC 27983 

Graham James 
Darlington, SC 29532 

Liz Johnson 
1510 Carr St. 

Raleigh, NC 27608 

Emily Johnson 
301 Holly Hill Rd. 
Murfreesboro, NC 27855 

Julie Johnson 

Raleigh, NC 

Lai Johnson 
406 East View St. 
Wadesboro, NC 28170 

Elizabeth Hill 

Raleigh, NC 

Anna Bradsher Honeycutt 
2322 Lake Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Thronie Jefferson 
2804 Ashley Shores Dr. 
Charleston, SC 29403 

Jeanne Jolly 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Nancy Hill 

Raleigh, NC 

Blair Hinton 
544 Hertford St. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Jessica Hobbs 
835 Trollinger Rd. 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Allison Hobby 
700-301 Bishop's Park Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27605 

Alyssa Holbrook 
5104 Salem Ridge Rd. 
Holly Springs, NC 27540 

Mary Norvell Hope 
1501 Maryland Ave. 
Charlotte, NC 28209 

Amanda Horner 
400 Westerwood Ct. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Phebe Hubbaard 
3 Plateau Rd. 
Williston, VT 05495 

Nancy Hughes 
423 Weathergreen Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Sarah Inman 
P.O. Box 246 
Dublin, NC 28332 

Eliza Jenkins 
P.O. Box 250 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Emily Jenkins 
10 Shaftesbury Rd. 
Ahoskie, NC 27910 

Shannon Jenkins 
12117 Strickland Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27613 

Kristin Jinks 

25 Autumn Woods Dr. 

Durham, NC 27713 


Christine Johnson 
705 Presnell Ct. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Emmalee Jones 
17 Hamilton PI. 
Charleston, WV 25314 

Lindsay Jones 
3709 Swann Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Natalie Jones 
2423 Bel Air Forest 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Suzanne Jones 

49 Raeford St. 

Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469 


Kelly Karras 
201 O'Kelly Ln. 
Cary, NC 27511 

Directory 149 

Sam Katen 

Aya Koyama 

Erica Lind 

Lisa Mann 

7005 North Ridge Dr. 

93-1 Uechi Shimoji-cho 

7408 Rainwater Rd . 

1608 Hunting Ridge 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Miyako-gun, Okinawa 906-03 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Raleigh, NC 27615 





Kumiko Kawata 

Meghan Krell 

Emma Linker 

Alice Manning 

2-24-16 Uehara Shibuya-ku 

1105 West Soundshore Dr. 

206 3rd Ave. NE 

3107 Sussex Rd. 

Tokyo, Japan 151 

Edenton, NC 27932 

Hickory, NC 28601 

Raleigh, NC 27607 





Jenny Kelsey 

Kyrstin Krist 

Danielle Little 

Corey Mapes 

1314 College Ave. 

5720 Heatherstone Dr. 

P.O. Box 1097 

525 Hertford St. 

Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

Raleigh, NC 27606 

Lincolnton, NC 2809' 

Raleigh, NC 27609 





Nicole Kerr 

Kathryn Krouse 

Kelly Livingston 

Katie Marshall 

223 Sondley Dr. 

106 Beaver Pine Way 

429 Fair Haven 

216 Mt. ParanRd. NW 

Asheville, NC 28805 

Cary, NC 27511 

Weddington, NC 28713 

Atlanta, Ga. 30327 





Erin Kiliany 

Kim Kulers 

Stephanie Loy 

Melissa Martin 

Rt. 1, Box 416 

709 West Main St. 

8401 CaldbeckDr. 

815 21 st Ave. Dr. NW 

Fayetteville, WV 25840 

Mount Olive, NC 28365 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Hickory, NC 28601 





Elizabeth Killen 

Jill Kumper 

Missy Lund 

Annie Mason 

403 Bratton Ave. 

4716 Snowmass Rd. 

1006Queensferry Rd. 

1612 Craig St. 

York, SC 29745 

Glen Allen, Va. 23060 

Cary, NC 27511 

Raleigh, NC 27608 





Liz Knox 

Mika Lanier 

Ann Lunger 

Cary Maybach 

7504 Haymarket Ln. 

2067 Kedge Dr. 

964 Arbor Rd. 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Vienna, Va. 22181 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 




Laura Knox 

Linda Lawson 

Cecily Luta 

Sara McClure 

7504 Haymarket Ln. 

6209 Heacham Ct. 

131 Hawthorne Rd. 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Wilmington, NC 

Raleigh, Nc 27614 

Raleigh, NC 27605 


(919) ' 



Toni Kokotis 

Jennifer Lewis 

Jean Lyndon 

Becky McConnell 

508 Latania Palm 

2104 Tyson St. 

3001 Barefoot Trail 

10728 Dunhill Terrace 

Indialantic, FL 32903 

Raleigh, NC 27612 

Anderson, SC 29621 

Raleigh, NC 27615 





Charlotte Kosanin 

Christina Lind 

Amy Mackie 

Raven McDonald 

621 Arlington St. 

7408 Rainwater Rd. 

113 Juniper Ave. 

306 West Parrish Dr. 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Benson, NC 27504 





150 Directory 

Carla McMasters 
P.O. Box 271 
Siler City, NC 27344 

Ann Dial McMillan 
4208 Harpers Ferry Rd. 
Birmingham, AL 3521 3 

Emily McQueen 
814 W.Covington St. 
Laurinburg, NC 28352 

Kristen Mitchell 
7801 Senter Farm Rd. 
Apex, NC 27502 

Laura Montgomery 
1113Tazwell PI. 

Raleigh, NC 27612 

Emily Moore 
4809 Hanover Ave. 
Richmond, Va. 23226 

Julie Morgan 
679 Brownmire Dr. 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Amy Morrissey 
3703 Hazel Ln. 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Brennan Moseley 
491 Mockingbird Ln. 
Spartanburg, SC 29307 

Lisa Mulligan 
234 Lynn Cove Rd. 
Asheville, NC 28804 

Kim Newman 
601 Antlers Dr. 
Sumpter, SC 29150 

Becky Newman 
6104 Redmond Ct. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Mary Harvard Nolde 
504 Welwyn Rd. 
Richmond, Va. 23229 

Anne Helene Novak 

5 Allee Rameu 

Les Mureaux, France 78130 


Ashley O'Brian 
465 Oak Point 
Forest, Va. 24551 

Elizabeth ODonnell 
4318 Montage Dr. 
Pensacola, FL 32503 

Mayumi Okura 

295 Hagiwaradai 1 -chrome 

Kawanishi-shi,Hyogo-ken 666 


Lily Olive 

5821 Mt. Sinai Rd. 

Durham, NC 27705 


Laura Oliver 
5011 Trent Woods Dr. 
New Bern, NC 28562 

Michelle Oppegaard 
P.O. Box 3031 
Topsail Beach, NC 28445 

Fleur Optekamp 
1509 Marsh Haven 
Johns Island, SC 29455 

Jennifer Ormsby 
2 Sommerton Ct. 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Sarah Owens 
8368 Greywinds Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Amanda Page 
2901 Wycliff Road 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Amy Nash Palmer 
907 Westham Pkwy. 
Richmond, Va. 23229 

Elizabeth Lawrence Parker 
911 Springwell Court 
Cary, NC 27511 

Christina Peffer 
614 Palm Boulevard 
Isle of Palms, SC 29451 
(803) 886-8033 

Julie Penta 
8 Aurora Court 
Durham, NC 27713 

Kristie Perrin 
3304 Wade Avenue 
Raleigh, NC 27605 

Stephie Philliips 

310 East Donaldson Avenue 

Radford, NC 28376 


Melanie Pirie 
2036 Kilkenny Hill Road 
Mattrews, NC 28105 

Eliza Pittman 

3970 Wiggins Mill Road 

Wilson, NC 27893 


Betsy Poole 
3700 Hillandale Drive 
Raeigh, NC 27609 

Ches Pope 

940 Cashua Ferry Road 
Darlington, SC 29532 
(803) 393-4830 

Lee Posey 
9805 Tandem Court 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Sasha Poston 
1426 Coster Road 
Shelby, NC 28150 

Peri Potkovick 

Ann Powell 
2736 Lakeview Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Crystal Pressley 
106 Black Angus Run 
Cary, NC 27513 

Lynn Pritchett 
305 Hofler Avenue 
Windsor, NC 27983 

Directory 151 

Brooke Ramos 
3511 Darwin Rd. 
Durham, NC 27707 

Amber Ramsey 
921 Gumbranch Rd. 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Laurie Rasberry 
8800 Morning Dove Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Jennifer Rasmovich 
4405 Turnberry Cir. 
Durham, NC 27712 

Kerie Beth Ratterree 
2411 Ainsdale Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Emily Rawleigh 
1903 St. Mary's St. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Meghan Rawlings 
18 Winthrop Ct. 
Durham, NC 27707 

Laura Raynor 
2511 White Oak Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Melissa Razabdouski 
4805 Leithcroft Place 
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 

Liz Richardson 
100 Halcyon Rd. 
Summerville, SC 29483 

Alyssa Riggio 
2717 Baronhurst Dr. 
Vienna, Va 22181 

Hunter Rion 

3313 Old SaybrookCt. 

Raleigh NC 27612 


Joye Rivenbark 
1700 Pony Run Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Jackie Rogers 
1123 Country Club Rd. 
Oak Hill, WV 25901 

Laura Ross 
R.D. Box 977 
Roxboro, NC 27573 

Cam Ross 

680 Browns Creek 

Guttersville, AL 35976 


Margaret Rowell 
805 Spring Dr. 
Aiken, SC 29801 

Danielle Ruffino 
4011 WynfordRd. 
Durham, NC 27707 

Mary Miller Russ 
P.O. Box 435 
Shallotte, NC 28459 

Charis Saunders 
139 North Street 
Darlington, SC 29532 

Nikki Savage 

Box 570 

Fayetteville, WV 25840 


Allyson Scott 
506 Trappers Run Dr. 
Cary.NC 27513 

Nami Shiraishi 
Route 7, Box 7274 
Manchester, TN 37355 

Cee Sidler 
3202 Beaufort St. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Sherrod Sisco 
105 West Gonzalez 
Pensacola, FL 32501 

Ashley Smith 
305 Queensferry Rd. 
Cary, NC 27511 

Ellen Smith 
1901 Lodestar Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Jane Smith 

4842 Forest Ridge Lane 

Columbia, SC 29206 


Stacy Smith 
8803 Norwick Rd. 
Richmond, Va 23229 

Jennifer Spencer 
105 Rosecroft Dr. 
Elizabeth City, NC 27909 

Lois Spencer 
3309 Loyal Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Elizabeth Spratt 
115 Kanawha Street 
Fort Mill, SC 29715 

Jeni Stallings 
One Nicklaus Dr. 
New Bern, NC 28560 

Elizabeth Stark 
2207 White Oak Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Ellyn Stecker 
5541 Fox Ridge Rd. 
Roanoke, Va 24014 

Lindsay Stinson 
Route 2, Box 242-B 
Dillwyn, Va 23936 

Adrianne Stone 
1544 Carr St. 

Raleigh, NC 27608 

Ashley Summerlin 
2516 East Pelican 
Long Beach, NC 28465 

Anunu Sundaram 
P.O. Box 025262 
Miami, FL 331 02 

Melissa Sutton 
5236 Knollwood Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

152 Directory 

Nancy Sylvester 
523 Neptune Dr. 
Swansboro, NC 28584 

Kari Syrdahl 
P.O. Box 343300 
Coral Gables, FL 331 34 

Katie Szilagyi 
1201 Ivy Lane 
Cary, NC 27511 

Amanda Teague 
4418 Columbine Ct. 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Mary Kelly Teague 
4313 S. Hesperides Dr. 
Nags Head, NC 27959 

Jessica Thomas 
103 South Fourth St. 
Wilmington, NC 28401 

Tracy Tranguch 
100-L Shearwater Dr. 
Durham, NC 27713 

Donnell Turner 
401 Marlow Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Jane Twamley 
146 Ceder Hills Cir. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Sarah Vaughan 
2425 Argyle Dr. 
Raleigh, NC. 27609 

Sarah Viola 
P.O Box 1046 
Hendersonville, NC 28793 

Kyoko Wakamatsu 

345 Chuzaichi-cho 

Iwakura sakyo-ku 

Kyoto, Japan 81-75-791-3502 

Whitney Szymczyk 
225 Bentley Oaks Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28270 

Robin Thomas 
Route 1,Box279-B 
Fayetteville, WV 25840 

Ashley Twiggs 
817 Blenheim Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Jennifer Walker 
1112 W.Lenoir St. 
Raleigh, NC 27603 

Emmye Taft 

303 Kenilworth Rd. 

Greenville, NC 27858 


Allison Thompson 
2619 Northwind Dr. 
Richmond, Va 23233 

Carrie Upchurch 
P.O Box 38 
Milton, NC 27305 

Kate Walton 
805 Lake Boone Tr. 
Raleigh, NC. 27607 

Susanna Tantemsapya 
2025 Robin Hood Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Tate Tattersall 
620 Shadow Lane 
Whispering Pines.NC 28327 

Kathi Taylor 
110 Koonce Cir 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Katy Taylor 
3730 Barnwell Cir. 
Pensacola, FL 32503 

Misty Taylor 
1957 Middle Rd. 
Fayetteville, NC 28301 

Ashley Thompson 
4590 Clearwater Ct. 
Dumfries, Va 22026 

Cooper Thornhill 
2632 Tatton Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Lisa Tippett 

1309 Hillbrow Lane, Apt 101 

Raleigh, NC 27615 


Jamie Tompkins 
3505 Canter Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Lawren Townsend 
Rocky Mount, NC 27803 

Janet Uy 

1120 Baileywick Dr. 
Virginia Beach, Va 23455 

Maria Uyterhoeven 
549 Pine Ridge Rd. 
Raleigh, NC. 27615 

Hope Valentine 
900 Marlowe Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Sara Vanmeter 
512 Seminole Rd. 
Chillicothe, OH. 45601 

Candler Vaughan 

1121 Arbor Rd. 

Winston Salem, NC. 27104 

Rebecca Ward 
4311 Swarthmore Rd. 
Durham, NC 27707 

Cyndi Warren 
305 Holly Hill Rd. 
Murfreesboro, NC 27855 

Cassie Warrington 
600 S. Howard Cir. 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Dee Dee Washington 
1308 Collins Dr. 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Kitty Watkins 

4025 Martin's Point Rd. 

Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 


Directory 153 

Hadley Watson 
510 S.Clyde Ave. 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Evelyn Way 
510 Throncliff Dr. 

Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Courtney Weill 
2258 The Circle 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Keira Williams 
115 Sea View Dr. 
Holden Beach, NC 28462 

Lauren Williams 
115 Sea View Dr. 
Holden Beach, NC 28462 

Sydnor Williams 
2907 South Memorial Dr. 
Greenville, NC 27834 

M'Lee Welch 
319 S. 13th Ave. 
Laurel, MS 39440 

Katherine Wrenn 
303 Wilshire Blvd. 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Ashley Wellons 
207 Mclver St. 
Greenville, SC 29601 

Emily Yerby 
215 Lockwood West 
Cary.NC 27511 

Finley West 
965 Scriven Dr. 
Florence, SC 29501 

Ange Young 
1517 Clayton Rd. 
Willow Spring, NC 27592 

Lucy White 

2404 Lake Loraine Rd. 

Richmond, Va. 23233 


Dickens Whitley 
3102 Woodgreen Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Gaelle Widmer 

Jennifer Zahren 

16341 Yellow Jacket Circle 

Mooresville, NC 28115 


Allison Wilkes 
P.O. Box 248 
Snow Hill, NC 28580 

154 Directory 

Teach Tour Children 

you, who are on the road 

Vnust have a code. 

That you can live bu 

And so; become yourself 

(Because the past is just a goodbye 

Teach your children welt 
Their father's vain 
. "Did slowly ao by 
And feed them oiiHiour dreams 

one thed pick, 
one you Know by 


(Don't you ever aski them wh 

If theirtgld wu you would a. 

So rust Ipokiatmem and siafi 

And know they love yoir 

And you, of the tender years 

Can't Know the fears 

That your elders drew by 

And so, please help themrwith your youth 

They seek the truth before they cart die 

(Don't you ever aski them why 
Ij thetftoldwu upu would cm 

Sojust (oof^atrfhem andsijjh 
And /qtow they love yotr 

Teach your mrents well 

Their. children's pain 

, Will slowly ad by 

And feed them on your dreams 

L/Ihe one they pick. 

The one you'll-know by 

(Don't you ever aski them why 
\i their told aou upu would era 


So just Look^attfiem and siah 
And know they bveyoir 

Theme 155 

LuAnne Box Beth Bernstein 

Phebe Hubbai Jennifer Rasmovich Hadley Watson 

mces C Tracy Tranguch Becca George 


Coi ill Jennife: Staff Adviser 

Mar Christina 



'450 cc 



■ Hicks. 





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